2006   USA Turistas
Turistas Image Cover
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Director:John Stockwell
Studio:20th Century Fox
Writer:Michael Ross
IMDb Rating:5.1 (17,749 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Duration:96 min
John Stockwell  ...  (Director)
Michael Ross  ...  (Writer)
Miguel Lunardi  ...  Zamora
Melissa George  ...  Pru
Desmond Askew  ...  Finn
Josh Duhamel  ...  Alex
Olivia Wilde  ...  Bea
Beau Garrett  ...  Amy
Max Brown  ...  Liam
Agles Steib  ...  Kiko
Jorge Só  ...  Bus Driver
Cristiani Aparecida  ...  Native Beauty
Lucy Ramos  ...  Arolea
Andréa Leal  ...  Camila
Diego Santiago  ...  Jacaré
Marcão  ...  Ranan
Miguelito Acosta  ...  Jamoru
Enrique Chediak  ...  Cinematographer
Jeff McEvoy  ...  Editor
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Summary: If not for Hostel, we'd never have been treated to the gory, horrific delights so lovingly captured with sadistic detail in Turistas. Together, these movies could be spawning a radical new Hollywood-pedigreed sub-genre of extreme horror. Like Hostel, Turistas concerns a group of American hardbodied kids on an exotic foreign vacation--this time in Brazil. After a suspense-filled opening sequence of a speeding bus careening off a dangerous mountain (it's also tinged with just the right kind of humor), the kids wander into the seeming paradise of a secluded beachfront resort where they think nothing of locals who lure them one by one to their gruesome and shocking deaths. Hey, they're here to party! These excruciatingly graphic scenes unfold in the lair of a madman doctor named Zamora, who harvests organs of the still-living as a way of exacting revenge on American turistas to "give back" to the locals they exploit with their capitalist dollars. One such scene has the donor undergoing surgery without the help of anesthesia wherein the lovely young "patient" has the chance to see her still thriving innards pulsing warmly on her well-formed chest to the tune of her own screams. This stuff is not for the faint of heart (or liver, or kidney, or lungs, for that matter). But there is a fair amount of nicely staged tension, especially a "foot" chase scene in a water-filled cave that will give claustrophobics a whole new way to experience nightmares. The two most familiar faces are Melissa George and Josh Duhamel, from TV's Alias and Vegas respectively. Fans of this new world of extreme gross-out horror should be thankful that TV has plenty of cute young bodies waiting for their big screen break, no matter how many organs they have to donate to get there. --Ted Fry

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