2008   USA, Mexico, France, Belgium Julia
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Director:Erick Zonca, Camille Natta
Studio:Les Productions Bagheera
Writer:Michael Collins, Camille Natta
IMDb Rating:7.0 (2,886 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Duration:138 min
Erick Zonca, Camille Natta  ...  (Director)
Michael Collins, Camille Natta  ...  (Writer)
Tilda Swinton  ...  Julia
Saul Rubinek  ...  Mitch
Kate del Castillo  ...  Elena
Aidan Gould  ...  Tom
Jude Ciccolella  ...  Nick
Bruno Bichir  ...  Diego
Horacio Garcia Rojas  ...  Santos
Kevin Kilner  ...  Johnny
John Bellucci  ...  Phillip
Ezra Buzzington  ...  George
Roger Cudney  ...  Frank
Eugene Byrd  ...  Leon
Sally Berman  ...  Woman by Car
Joe Cucuiat  ...  Undercover Agent #2
Carl Dillard  ...  Henry
Dave Gist  ...  Fat Train Station Guy
Priscilla Leona Horne  ...  Woman In Station
M.J. Karmi  ...  AA Woman
Jake Koenig  ...  Bartender
Camille Natta  ...  Karen
Neko Parham  ...  Ejay
Tom Poole  ...  Detective
Ian Ray  ...  Undercover Agent #1
Marshal Silverman  ...  Commuter
Ursula Tania  ...  Cooker
Tania Verafield  ...  Cleaning Lady
Mauricio Moreno  ...  José
Gaston Peterson  ...  Miguel
Sandro Kopp  ...  Marcus
Yorick Le Saux  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: This would be five stars off the charts awesome if all it was about was Tilda Swinton's acting, but it's not. There's a story which starts off pretty well and sets the agenda for making you accept that things won't always make sense or go according to plan but by the second half the film, as much as the story, just unravels to the point that it's hard to stay on board. The film could have been edited by a third to make a tight thriller but we'd miss much of Swinton's great performance. I loved every minute of her but the plot comes up short and the ending fails miserably.

Summary: Julia is an alcoholic on the constant decline. She spends the nights partying, usually not knowing where she is, when she wakes up. Because of that, she loses her job. Her only friend, Mitch, a recovering alcoholic himself, makes her go to an AA meeting, where she meets her neighbour, Elena.

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