2008   USA, Germany Tropic Thunder
Tropic Thunder Image Cover
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Director:Ben Stiller
Studio:Goldcrest Pictures
Writer:Ben Stiller, Justin Theroux
IMDb Rating:7.1 (131,469 votes)
Awards:1 win
Genre:Action, Comedy
Duration:107 min
Ben Stiller  ...  (Director)
Ben Stiller, Justin Theroux  ...  (Writer)
Jeff Kahn  ...  Snooty Waiter
Robert Downey Jr.  ...  Kirk Lazarus
Anthony Ruivivar  ...  Platoon Sergeant Shot in Head
Jack Black  ...  Jeff Portnoy
Jay Baruchel  ...  Kevin Sandusky
Brandon T. Jackson  ...  Alpa Chino
Ben Stiller  ...  Tugg Speedman
Eric Winzenried  ...  Chopper Pilot
Steve Coogan  ...  Damien Cockburn
Valerie Azlynn  ...  Damien's Assistant
Matt Levin  ...  Cameraperson
David Pressman  ...  First Assistant Director
Amy Stiller  ...  Script Supervisor
Danny R. McBride  ...  Cody
Dempsey Silva  ...  Special Effects Assistant
Danny McBride  ...  Cody - Vietnam Crew
John Toll  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Ben Stiller's satirical look at Hollywood, Tropic Thunder concerns the production of an epic Vietnam War film that quickly derails thanks to the giant egos of everyone involved in the production. Stiller stars as Tugg Speedman, an action hero trying to segue out of that genre. Jack Black plays Jeff Portnoy, a drug-addicted fat comic also attempting to change his image by taking on such a serious film. They star alongside Kirk Lazarus (Robert Downey Jr.), one of the world's most awarded actors, and a man who insists on immersing himself totally in a role. In this case, that means Lazarus has had his skin dyed in order to portray an African-American soldier. After their outrageous behavior lands the film's director, Damien Cockburn (Steve Coogan), in very hot water with producer Les Grossman (Tom Cruise), Cockburn takes the advice of grizzled Vietnam vet Four Leaf Tayback (Nick Nolte); in order to gain control of his performers, Cockburn drops the actors off in the jungle, planning to film the movie guerrilla-style with hidden cameras. When the group stumbles upon a heroin production camp, the actors are unaware that they are in very real danger.

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