1974   USA The Godfather, Part II
The Godfather, Part II Image Cover
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Director:Francis Ford Coppola
Writer:Mario Puzo, Francis Ford Coppola
IMDb Rating:9.0 (305,494 votes)
Awards:Won 6 Oscars. Another 7 wins & 15 nominations
Genre:Crime, Drama, Thriller
Duration:200 min
Francis Ford Coppola  ...  (Director)
Mario Puzo, Francis Ford Coppola  ...  (Writer)
Al Pacino  ...  Don Michael Corleone
Robert Duvall  ...  Tom Hagen
Diane Keaton  ...  Kay Corleone
Robert De Niro  ...  Vito Corleone
John Cazale  ...  Fredo Corleone
Talia Shire  ...  Connie Corleone
Lee Strasberg  ...  Hyman Roth
Michael V. Gazzo  ...  Frankie Pentangeli
G.D. Spradlin  ...  Senator Pat Geary
Richard Bright  ...  Al Neri
Gastone Moschin  ...  Don Fanucci
Tom Rosqui  ...  Rocco Lampone
Bruno Kirby  ...  Young Peter Clemenza
Frank Sivero  ...  Genco Abbandando
Francesca De Sapio  ...  Young Mama Corleone
Gordon Willis  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Francis Ford Coppola took some of the deep background from the life of Mafia chief Vito Corleone--the patriarch of Mario Puzo's bestselling novel The Godfather--and built around it a stunning sequel to his Oscar-winning, 1972 hit film. Robert De Niro plays Vito as a young Sicilian immigrant in turn-of-the-century New York City's Little Italy. Coppola weaves in and out of the story of Vito's transformation into a powerful crime figure, contrasting that evolution against efforts by son Michael Corleone to spread the family's business into pre-Castro Cuba. As memorable as the first film is, The Godfather II is an amazingly intricate, symmetrical tragedy that touches upon several chapters of 20th-century history and makes a strong case that our destinies are written long before we're born. This was De Niro's first introduction to a lot of filmgoers, and he makes an enormous impression. But even with him and a number of truly brilliant actors (including maestro Lee Strasberg), this is ultimately Pacino's film and a masterful performance. --Tom Keogh

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