2006   USA Apocalypto
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Director:Mel Gibson
Studio:Buena Vista Home Entertainment / Touchstone
Writer:Mel Gibson, Farhad Safinia
IMDb Rating:7.8 (102,290 votes)
Awards:Nominated for 3 Oscars. Another 6 wins & 13 nominations
Genre:Action, Adventure, Drama
Duration:138 min
Mel Gibson  ...  (Director)
Mel Gibson, Farhad Safinia  ...  (Writer)
Rudy Youngblood  ...  Jaguar Paw
Dalia Hernández  ...  Seven
Jonathan Brewer  ...  Blunted
Morris Birdyellowhead  ...  Flint Sky
Carlos Emilio Báez  ...  Turtles Run
Amilcar Ramírez  ...  Curl Nose
Israel Contreras  ...  Smoke Frog
Israel Ríos  ...  Cocoa Leaf
María Isabel Díaz  ...  Mother in Law (as Isabel Diaz)
Espiridion Acosta Cache  ...  Old Story Teller
Mayra Serbulo  ...  Young Woman
Iazua Larios  ...  Sky Flower
Lorena Heranandez  ...  Village Girl
Itandehui Gutierrez  ...  Wife
Sayuri Gutierrez  ...  Eldest Daughter
Hiram Soto  ...  Fish Hunter
José Suárez  ...  First Temple Sacrifice
Raoul Trujillo  ...  Zero Wolf
Gerardo Taracena  ...  Middle Eye
Rodolfo Palacios  ...  Snake Ink
Ariel Galvan  ...  Hanging Moss
Bernardo Ruiz  ...  Drunkards Four
Ricardo Diaz Mendoza  ...  Cut Rock
Richard Can  ...  Ten Peccary
Carlos Ramos  ...  Monkey Jaw
Ammel Rodrigo Mendoza  ...  Buzzard Hook
Marco Antonio Argueta  ...  Speaking Wind
Javier Escobar  ...  Vicious Holcane
Fernando Hernandez  ...  High Priest
Maria Isidra Hoil  ...  Oracle Girl
Aquetzali García  ...  Oracle Girl
Abel Woolrich  ...  Laughing Man
Antonio Monroy  ...  Chilam
Nicolás Jasso  ...  Man on Temple Top
Ronaldo Eknal  ...  Slave Auctioneer
Miriam Tun  ...  Woman Auctioneer
Rafael Velez  ...  King
Diana Botello  ...  Queen
Joaquin Rendon  ...  Head Chac
James Horner  ...  composer
Dean Semler  ...  Cinematographer
Israel Contreras  ...  Smoke Frog
Comments: When the end comes, not everyone is ready to go

Summary: Forget any off-screen impressions you may have of Mel Gibson, and experience Apocalypto as the mad, bloody runaway train that it is. The story is set in the pre-Columbian Maya population: one village is brutally overrun, its residents either slaughtered or abducted, by a ruling tribe that needs slaves and human sacrifices. We focus on the capable warrior Jaguar Paw (Rudy Youngblood), although Gibson skillfully sketches a whole population of characters--many of whom don't survive the early reels. Most of the film is set in the dense jungle, but the middle section, in a grand Mayan city, is a dazzling triumph of design, costuming, and sheer decadent terror. The movie itself is a triumph of brutality, as Gibson lets loose his well-established fascination with bodily mortification in a litany of assaults including impalement, evisceration, snakebite, and bee stings. It's a dark, disgusted vision, but Gibson doesn't forget to apply some very canny moviemaking instincts to the violence--including the creation of a tremendous pair of villains (strikingly played by Raoul Trujillo and Rodolfo Palacias). The film is in a Maya dialect, subtitled in English, and shot on digital video (which occasionally betrays itself in some blurry quick pans). Amidst all the mayhem, nothing in the film is more devastating than a final wordless exchange of looks between captured villager Blunted (Jonathan Brewer) and his wife's mother (Maria Isabel Diaz), a superb change in tone from their early relationship. Yes, this is an obsessive, crazed movie, but Gibson knows what he's doing. --Robert Horton
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Apocalypto soundtrack by James Horner
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