1996   USA Swingers
Swingers Image Cover
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Director:Doug Liman
Writer:Jon Favreau
IMDb Rating:7.5 (35,510 votes)
Awards:3 wins & 2 nominations
Duration:96 min
Doug Liman  ...  (Director)
Jon Favreau  ...  (Writer)
Jon Favreau  ...  Mike Peters
Vince Vaughn  ...  Trent Walker
Ron Livingston  ...  Rob
Patrick Van Horn  ...  Sue
Alex Désert  ...  Charles
Heather Graham  ...  Lorraine
Deena Martin  ...  Christy
Katherine Kendall  ...  Lisa
Brooke Langton  ...  Nikki
Blake Lindsley  ...  Girl with Cigar
Kevin James Kelly  ...  Vegas Dealer
Stephanie Ittleson  ...  Vegas Waitress
Vernon Vaughn  ...  $100 Gambler
Joan Favreau  ...  $5 Winner
Rio Hackford  ...  Skully
Doug Liman  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Has Commentary tracks

Summary: For anyone who wants to catch a glimpse of the Los Angeles "lounge" scene that was in vogue during the early and mid-1990s, here's the movie that virtually defined that brief but colorful nightlife milieu. As an added bonus, it just happens to be a very funny, observant story about love, loss, and male bonding among a group of friends who struggle to find decent jobs by day, and lurk through Hollywood's hottest nightclubs by night. A sort of latter-day Rat Pack, they include Mike (writer-actor Jon Favreau) and his closest buddy, Trent (Vince Vaughn), who are waiting for the big show-biz break that seems to be eluding them. Mike's twisted up about the girlfriend he left back East to pursue his going-nowhere standup comedy career, and Trent uses the word "money" as an adjective ("Man, we look totally money tonight") with such frequency that you may find yourself slipping into lounge-lizard mode after watching the movie. One of the most noteworthy indie-film success stories of the '90s, this time-capsule comedy seized its moment in the spotlight, launched several promising careers, and continues to maintain its lasting appeal. --Jeff Shannon

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