2007   USA, South Korea Never Forever
Never Forever Image Cover
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Director:Gina Kim
Studio:Now Films
Writer:Gina Kim
IMDb Rating:6.1 (611 votes)
Awards:1 win & 1 nomination
Duration:90 min
Gina Kim  ...  (Director)
Gina Kim  ...  (Writer)
Vera Farmiga  ...  Sophie Lee
David Lee McInnis  ...  Andrew Lee (as David McInnis)
Joseph Y. Kim  ...  Pastor
Shirley Roeca  ...  Tania
Steve Greenstean  ...  Piano Mover
Marceline Hugot  ...  Dr. Hanson
Colleen Quinlan  ...  Nurse #2
Trisha LaFache  ...  Receptionist
Jung-woo Ha  ...  Jihah
Becky London  ...  Interviewer
Carla Harting  ...  Nurse #1
Robert Dahey  ...  Laundromat Owner
Kari Swenson Riely  ...  Miriam
Jackson Pace  ...  Adam
Alex Manette  ...  Jesse
David L. McInnis  ...  
Ha Jeong-woo  ...  
Ha Jung-woo  ...  
Hwa-Si Lee  ...  
Matthew Clark  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Sophie Lee has been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant. Her husband's family, devout Korean Catholics, prays for the couple. His failure to have a child is deeply shameful to him, so when he attempts suicide, Sophie tries something extreme: she follows an undocumented immigrant - a Korean who resembles her husband - from a fertility clinic to his apartment in New York City where she proposes to hire him to sire her child. She offers $300 per session and $30,000 if she gets pregnant. After several sessions, neither is able to keep emotion out of the arrangement. Where can this relationship go, and what about her husband? Will her actions save him and their marriage?

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