1971   USA Dirty Harry
Dirty Harry Image Cover
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Director:Don Siegel
Studio:Malpaso Company, The
Writer:Harry Julian Fink, Rita M. Fink
IMDb Rating:7.8 (49,990 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Genre:Crime, Thriller
Duration:102 min
Don Siegel  ...  (Director)
Harry Julian Fink, Rita M. Fink  ...  (Writer)
Clint Eastwood  ...  Insp. Harry Callahan
Harry Guardino  ...  Lt. Al Bressler
Reni Santoni  ...  Insp. Chico Gonzalez
John Vernon  ...  The Mayor
Andrew Robinson  ...  Scorpio Killer
John Larch  ...  The Chief
John Mitchum  ...  Insp. Frank DiGiorgio
Mae Mercer  ...  Mrs. Russell
Lyn Edgington  ...  Norma
Ruth Kobart  ...  Bus Driver
Woodrow Parfrey  ...  Mr. Jaffe
Josef Sommer  ...  Dist. Atty. William T. Rothko
William Paterson  ...  Judge Bannerman
James Nolan  ...  Liquor Store Owner
Maurice Argent  ...  Sid Kleinman (as Maurice S. Argent)
Joy Carlin  ...  
Tony Dario  ...  
Diane Darnell  ...  
Diana Davidson  ...  
Bruce Surtees  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: You don't assign him to murder cases, You just turn him loose.

Summary: In the year 1971, San Francisco faces the terror of a maniac known as Scorpio- who snipes at innocent victims and demands ransom through notes left at the scene of the crime. Inspector Harry Callahan (known as Dirty Harry by his peers through his reputation handling of homicidal cases) is assigned to the case along with his newest partner Inspector Chico Gonzalez to track down Scorpio and stop him. Using humiliation and cat and mouse type of games against Callahan, Scorpio is put to the test with the cop with a dirty attitude.

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