1992   USA The Larry Sanders Show
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Director:Brent Carpenter, Ken Kwapis, Todd Holland
Studio:Brillstein-Grey Entertainment
Writer:Fred Barron
IMDb Rating:8.7 (2,132 votes)
Awards:Nominated for 3 Golden Globes. Another 24 wins & 83 nominations
Duration:30 min
Brent Carpenter, Ken Kwapis, Todd Holland  ...  (Director)
Fred Barron  ...  (Writer)
Garry Shandling  ...  Larry Sanders
Jeffrey Tambor  ...  Hank Kingsley
Rip Torn  ...  Arthur (89 episodes, 1992-1998)
Wallace Langham  ...  Phil
Penny Johnson  ...  Beverly Barnes (70 episodes, 1992-1998)
Janeane Garofalo  ...  Paula (49 episodes, 1992-1997)
Bobby Figueroa  ...  Bandleader
Linda Doucett  ...  Darlene Chapinni
Peter Smokler  ...  Cinematographer
Christian Santiago  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Thought it was genius years ago. Full of Cringe now

Summary: HBO television sitcom about Larry Sanders, a talk-show host. This show goes 'behind-the-scenes' to reveal Larry's humorous interactions with the producers and guests.

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