2008   USA The Alphabet Killer
The Alphabet Killer Image Cover
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Director:Rob Schmidt
Studio:Intrinsic Value Films
Writer:Tom Malloy
IMDb Rating:5.3 (4,069 votes)
Awards:1 win
Duration:100 min
Rob Schmidt  ...  (Director)
Tom Malloy  ...  (Writer)
Eliza Dushku  ...  Megan Paige
Cary Elwes  ...  Capt. Kenneth Shine
Timothy Hutton  ...  Richard Ledge
Tom Malloy  ...  Stephen Harper
Michael Ironside  ...  Captain Nathan Norcross
Bill Moseley  ...  Carl Tanner
Meltem Cumbul  ...  Elisa Castillo
Carl Lumbly  ...  Dr. Ellis Parks
Brian Scannell  ...  Jay Castillo
Jack McGee  ...  Hank
Larry Hankin  ...  Perry
Sarah Anderson  ...  Elizabeth Eckers
Glenn Argenti  ...  SWAT Team #1
Renata Batista  ...  Waitress
Liz Cameron  ...  Shopkeeper wife
Eric Cubitt  ...  Husband
Tony Delgrosso  ...  Webster Police Officer
Martin Donovan  ...  Jim Walsh
Nate Dushku  ...  Tim
Farris Ellington  ...  Ghost Girl
Tamara Farias  ...  Olga Maestro
Andrew Fiscella  ...  Len Schaefer
Bailey Garno  ...  Carla Castillo
Joseph Giorgione  ...  Paramedic
Kristina Jewell  ...  Wendy Walsh
Ian Kidd  ...  Detective
Michael Ross King  ...  SWAT Team #1
Melissa Leo  ...  Kathy Walsh
Cynthia Mace  ...  Rita Schaeffer
Eva Mancarella  ...  Melissa Maestro
Peter Mancarella  ...  Jared
Wendy Mancarella  ...  Real Estate Agent
Shawn Michael  ...  Det Anthony Peters
Tom Noonan  ...  Captain Gullikson
Frank Rossi  ...  Francis Baker
Claire Simpson  ...  Ghost Girl
Rocco Sisto  ...  Father McQuarrie
Nicholas Sprague  ...  Webster Police Officer
Russell Terlecki  ...  Officer Ted
Joe DeSalvo  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: I saw Wrong Turn (thought it was entirely forgettable) but some other girl had my attention. So I didn't know anything about Eliza Dushku going into this and she totally sold the movie to me, not because she's a babe but because she creeped me out with her portrayal of a schizophrenic cop. (The cop part not so much, but ...) This is a decent thriller with good acting in bit parts from a lot of well knowns and Dushka trumps them all.

Summary: Wrong Turn director Rob Schmidt takes the helm for this thriller inspired by the grim, true life exploits of an alphabet obsessed New York serial killer and starring Timothy Hutton, Cary Elwes, Eliza Dushku, and Michael Ironside. When Rochester, NY-based police investigator Megan Paige (Dishku) discovers that ten year old Carla Castillo was brutally raped and murdered in nearby Churchville, she becomes convinced that the department is dealing with a serial killer. Paige is a driven detective whose devotion to her job often crosses the border into obsession. Her fiancé Kenneth Shine (Elwes) is a lieutenant with the Rochester Police Department, and as both jockey for the same promotion, the cracks in their relationship begin to show. Later, when Megan becomes haunted by visions of Carla and fails to solve the case, a concerned Captain Gullikson (Tom Noonan) takes her off of the case. Suffering a nervous breakdown shortly thereafter, Megan is diagnosed with adult onset of paranoid schizophrenia and placed in a psychiatric hospital, where she promptly breaks off her engagement to Kenneth. Two years later Megan has returned to the precinct as a records clerk, and Kenneth is now the head of the department. Over time Megan begins developing a friendship with wheelchair bound Richard Ledge (Hutton). When a local girl named Wendy Walsh is abducted, raped, and murdered in Webster, Megan convinces Kenneth to let her ride along with Detective Steven Harper (Tom Malloy) as an advisor to the case. But the gruesome nature of the case once again prompts strange visions for Megan. Now she is haunted by two murder victims, and to make matters worse she's beginning to develop embarrassing involuntary ticks and stops taking her medication. As the hallucinations get worse and the case starts to run cold, Megan struggles to find the one piece of evidence that will lead them to the killer before her dark side takes over once again.

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