2004   USA The Forgotten
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Director:Joseph Ruben
Studio:Sony Pictures
Writer:Gerald Di Pego
IMDb Rating:5.7 (30,609 votes)
Awards:6 nominations
Genre:Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Duration:91 min
Joseph Ruben  ...  (Director)
Gerald Di Pego  ...  (Writer)
Julianne Moore  ...  Telly Paretta
Christopher Kovaleski  ...  Sam
Matthew Pleszewicz  ...  Sam at 5
Anthony Edwards  ...  Jim Paretta
Jessica Hecht  ...  Eliot
Linus Roache  ...  A Friendly Man
Gary Sinise  ...  Dr. Jack Munce
Dominic West  ...  Ash Correll
Katie Cooper  ...  Library Clerk
Scott Nicholson  ...  Cop
P.J. Morrison  ...  Cop
Robert Wisdom  ...  Carl Dayton
Tim Kang  ...  Agent Alec Wong
Kathryn Faughnan  ...  Lauren Correll
Alfre Woodard  ...  Det. Anne Pope
Anastas N. Michos  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: You'll Never Forget The Ones You Love

Summary: With a plot that might've been lifted from The X-Files, nothing is quite what it seems in The Forgotten, a psychological conspiracy thriller with Julianne Moore doing fine work as a grieving mother whose nine-year-old son was killed in a plane crash. At least, that's what she's been led to believe, but when even her husband (Anthony Edwards) tries to convince her that she's delusional and never had a child, things start to get very spooky indeed. Dominic West (from HBO's superb series The Wire) plays a similarly traumatized father, and when they witness some very strange events--and a mysterious man (Linus Roache) who might be indestructible--this glorified B-movie potboiler directed by Joseph Ruben (best known for Dreamscape and The Stepfather) turns into a preposterous but entertaining trip into The Twilight Zone territory. Featuring Alfre Woodard as an intuitive New York detective and Gary Sinise as a seemingly sympathetic psychiatrist, The Forgotten offers adequate shocks and an intriguing, otherworldly study of tenacious parental instinct. It deserved its mixed reviews, but it's a fun spook-fest for rainy-day viewing. --Jeff Shannon

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