2008   USA What Just Happened
What Just Happened Image Cover
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Director:Barry Levinson
Studio:2929 Productions
Writer:Art Linson, Art Linson
IMDb Rating:5.9 (15,006 votes)
Duration:104 min
Barry Levinson  ...  (Director)
Art Linson, Art Linson  ...  (Writer)
Robert De Niro  ...  Ben
Bruce Willis  ...  Actor
Stanley Tucci  ...  Scott Solomon
John Turturro  ...  Dick Bell
Kristen Stewart  ...  Zoe
Lily Rabe  ...  Dawn
Dennis Albanese  ...  Anthony
Emily Alpren  ...  Lou's Assistant
Floanne Ankah  ...  Bollywood singer (voice) (as Florence Annequin)
Ari Barak  ...  Aba Peterson
Moon Bloodgood  ...  Laura
Lindy Booth  ...  Hostess
Felix J. Boyle  ...  Hollywood Producer / Vanity Fair
Virginia Bryant  ...  Grammy Scene Award Attendee
Scott Burn  ...  Lou's Assistant
Alessandra Daniele  ...  Sophie
Cayleen Davies  ...  Hot girl in car
Byron de Marse  ...  Funeral Guest #1
Vincent De Paul  ...  Jack L. McDonagh's Brother
Aubrey Dickinson  ...  Film Festival Attendee
Jay Ferraro  ...  Movie Theater Patron
Aura Figueiredo  ...  Lady at Cannes Film Festival
Jill Flint  ...  Lou's Secretary
Leslie Dawn Forsyth  ...  Cheering Fan
Karina Friend Buck  ...  Verna
Julia Frisoli  ...  Lady Getting Pedicure
Massi Furlan  ...  Scott Solomon's Assistant
Steven Galarce  ...  Jack L. McDonagh's cousin
JR Garcia  ...  Red Carpet Attendee
Phil Gardiner  ...  Film Critic
Logan Grove  ...  Max
Frank Hansen  ...  Hitman #2
Stacey Hicks  ...  Kaitlyn
Marin Hinkle  ...  Annie
Mark Ivanir  ...  Johnny
Peter Jacobson  ...  Cal
Lu Johnson  ...  Vanity Fair Set Dresser
Kalina Justice  ...  French Wife
Brandon Keener  ...  
Catherine Keener  ...  Lou Tarnow
Ayla Kell  ...  Mary #1
Stefania Koszti  ...  Celebrity Guest #1- Cannes Film Festival
Kat Kramer  ...  Celebrity Guest - Cannes Film Festival
Laurie Lee  ...  Red Carpet Fan
Dimitri Lekkos  ...  Jack L. McDonagh - Dead Agent
Sam Levinson  ...  Carl
Paul Lieber  ...  Photographer
Ron Li-Paz  ...  Rabbi
Paydin LoPachin  ...  Mary
Jacques Maroun  ...  Taxi Driver
Kristopher Maslardzievski  ...  Famous Actor
Jared Morrison  ...  Film Crew
Alex Norca  ...  French Guard
Ali Olomi  ...  Waiter
Sean Penn  ...  Himself
Tom Probst  ...  Celebrity Guest
William Ragsdale  ...  Agent #1
Monica Ramon  ...  Celebrity guest
Jean-Michel Richaud  ...  Festival Host
Wendy Riordan  ...  Starlet
Brent Rose  ...  First A.D.
Bess Rous  ...  
Remy K. Selma  ...  Jimmy
Scott L. Treger  ...  POWER Producer
Sonny Vellozzi  ...  Film Crew Member
Michael Wincott  ...  Jeremy Brunell
Robin Wright Penn  ...  Kelly
Dey Young  ...  Marilyn
Robin Wright  ...  Kelly
Jason Kravits  ...  Pollster
Christopher Evan Welch  ...  Studio Marketing Guy
St├ęphane Fontaine  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: A reasonably solid star-studded little brother to Robert Altman's "The Player." I was engaged while watching it but there's no resonance after it's over. It's worth a rental, maybe, depending on your package. If you like big fragile hollywood ego smackdown humor, it's got some of that.

Summary: Inspired by the personal memoirs of Hollywood producer Art Linson, Barry Levinson's fictional showbiz comedy stars Robert De Niro as a struggling movie producer who has just suffered through his second divorce, and slowly finds his soul being ground up in the machinations of the Hollywood machine. Ben (De Niro) is an aging producer whose career was already on a downward turn when his personal life went straight into the toilet. Not only is Ben juggling two ex-wives and a daughter who seems to have grown up overnight, but his colleagues seem to take pleasure in watching him suffer while he attempts to complete his latest film on an impossible schedule.

"Fiercely" was supposed to be the visionary movie that revived Ben's career, but drug-addicted director Jeremy (Michael Wincott) has clashed with uncompromising studio chief Lou (Catherine Keener) following a disastrous test screening, and now it appears as if not even Sean Penn's presence in the film will be enough to make it a box-office hit. Meanwhile, Ben's ex-wife Kelly (Robin Wright Penn) can't seem to decide if she loves him or hates him, and his teenage daughter, Zoe (Kristen Stewart), has gone from playing with Barbie dolls to flirting with boys in the blink of a heavily mascaraed eye. As if that wasn't enough for one man to take in, screenwriter Scott (Stanley Tucci) is trying to broker a deal with Ben while simultaneously making a play for his former wife, and nebbish agent Dick (John Turturro) is so terrified of his own clients that he can't even ask Bruce Willis to shave his scraggly new beard for an upcoming role. It's all just another day in the world of runaway egos, treachery, betrayal, and deceit that is Hollywood, and if Ben can just make it to Cannes with a finished film under his arm and his sanity in tact, everything might just work out after all.

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