2008   USA Good Dick
Good Dick Image Cover
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Director:Marianna Palka
Studio:Good Dick
Writer:Marianna Palka
IMDb Rating:6.4 (3,854 votes)
Awards:1 win & 1 nomination
Duration:86 min
Marianna Palka  ...  (Director)
Marianna Palka  ...  (Writer)
Marianna Palka  ...  Woman
Jason Ritter  ...  Man
Eric Edelstein  ...  Eric
Martin Starr  ...  Simon
Mark Webber  ...  Derek
Tom Arnold  ...  Dad
Amanda Barnett  ...  Restaurant Patron
Amberlee Colson  ...  Elle
Charles Durning  ...  Charlie
Jesse Garcia  ...  Jose
Jeremy Glazer  ...  Coffee Shop Patron
Josh Holt  ...  Jared
Dana LaRue  ...  Receptionist
Marge Morgan  ...  Marge
Hunter Stiebel  ...  Skate Clerk
Elisabeth Waterston  ...  Elisabeth
Katherine Waterston  ...  Katherine
Andre Lascaris  ...  Cinematographer
Seth Gabel  ...  Kissing Man
Bryce Dallas Howard  ...  Kissing Woman
Tyler Ritter  ...  Young Handsome Man
Comments: Best American indie flick I've seen in a long time--not "shot on a cell phone" indie, it's got good production values and one of the best "guitar riffing with effects" soundtracks EVAR. When the boy and girl sit down to watch an Annie Sprinkle video together. Priceless. Good Dick is edgy, smart, and very funny. Written and directed by and starring Marianna Palka, it's one of those first babies by an obvious talent.

Summary: When a lonely young girl named Anna walks into her local independent video store in search of an erotic film, the clerk behind the counter vows to transcend her emotional barriers and win her heart in this quirky relationship comedy written, directed by, and starring Marianna Palka. Though the lovelorn clerk in question (Jason Ritter) is a bit of a creep and perhaps even a potential stalker, the contentious relationship forged between the pair as he repeatedly seeks Anna's affections (and is continually shot down) eventually leads to an unusual, yet wholly unavoidable, confrontation that offers offbeat insight into the state of modern romance.

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