2001   USA The Score
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Director:Frank Oz
Writer:Daniel E. Taylor, Kario Salem
IMDb Rating:6.8 (48,869 votes)
Awards:1 win
Genre:Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Duration:124 min
Frank Oz  ...  (Director)
Daniel E. Taylor, Kario Salem  ...  (Writer)
Angela Bassett  ...  Diane
Marlon Brando  ...  Max
Mark Camacho  ...  Eric, Sapperstein's Cousin
Christina Colburn  ...  
Claude Despins  ...  Albert
Robert De Niro  ...  Nick Wells
Edward Norton  ...  Jack Teller
Gary Farmer  ...  Burt
Paul Soles  ...  Danny
Jamie Harrold  ...  Steven
Serge Houde  ...  Laurent
Jean-René Ouellet  ...  André (as Jean René Ouellet)
Martin Drainville  ...  Jean-Claude
Richard Waugh  ...  Sapperstein
Marie-Josée Colburn  ...  Woman in Study (as Marie-Josée D'Amours)
Gavin Svensson  ...  Man in Study
Rob Hahn  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: There are no partners in crime

Summary: Robert De Niro plays a weary thief tempted by wily old associate Marlon Brando into, yes, one last job, a plan to rob a priceless scepter from Montreal's Customs House. Director Frank Oz's heist thriller partners De Niro with hotshot upstart Edward Norton, and you'd have to be determinedly grumpy not to get half a kick out of Brando, DeNiro, and Norton--more than holding his own--coolly bouncing off one another in a Method paradise. Brando may be enormous and breathing heavily with every move, but his technique is as agile as it ever was; he still seems spontaneously clever. Oz doesn't have the most crackling visual style in the world, as the film is far too smooth for tension, and keeps tapping Howard Shore's music score to do most of the work in that department; the divine Angela Bassett is once again totally wasted in a 10-minute throwaway role as De Niro's girlfriend. The Score isn't anything new, and there isn't a single surprise, but if you're into this sort of thing you do respond to its polished familiarity. --Steve Wiecking

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