1990   USA Pacific Heights
Pacific Heights Image Cover
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Director:John Schlesinger
Studio:Morgan Creek Productions
Writer:Daniel Pyne
IMDb Rating:6.2 (7,883 votes)
Genre:Crime, Drama, Thriller
Duration:102 min
John Schlesinger  ...  (Director)
Daniel Pyne  ...  (Writer)
Melanie Griffith  ...  Patty Palmer
Matthew Modine  ...  Drake Goodman
Michael Keaton  ...  Carter Hayes
Mako  ...  Toshio Watanabe
Nobu McCarthy  ...  Mira Watanabe
Laurie Metcalf  ...  Stephanie MacDonald
Carl Lumbly  ...  Lou Baker
Dorian Harewood  ...  Dennis Reed
Luca Bercovici  ...  Greg
Tippi Hedren  ...  Florence Peters
Sheila McCarthy  ...  Liz Hamilton
Guy Boyd  ...  Warning Cop
Jerry Hardin  ...  Bennett Fidlow
Dan Hedaya  ...  Loan Officer
James Staley  ...  District Attorney
Amir M. Mokri  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Where terror lives.

Summary: A yuppie couple buy a large house in an exclusive San Fransisco neighborhood. They renovate it and plan to rent two apartments on the first floor to cover the costs. A prosperous looking man moves in but is not the ideal tenant. He never pays any rent, drives the other tenants away and systematically ruins the lives of his landlords.

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