2006   USA Factory Girl
Factory Girl Image Cover
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Director:George Hickenlooper
Studio:Weinstein Company
Writer:Aaron Richard Golub, Captain Mauzner
IMDb Rating:6.1 (10,346 votes)
Genre:Biography, Drama
Duration:99 min
George Hickenlooper  ...  (Director)
Aaron Richard Golub, Captain Mauzner  ...  (Writer)
Colleen Camp  ...  
Illeana Douglas  ...  Diana Vreeland
Charles Ferrara  ...  
Beth Grant  ...  Julia Warhol
Edward Herrmann  ...  James Townsend
Sienna Miller  ...  Edie Sedgwick
Guy Pearce  ...  Andy Warhol
Hayden Christensen  ...  Musician
Jimmy Fallon  ...  Chuck Wein
Jack Huston  ...  Gerard Malanga
Armin Amiri  ...  Ondine
Tara Summers  ...  Brigid Polk
Mena Suvari  ...  Richie Berlin
Shawn Hatosy  ...  Syd Pepperman
James Naughton  ...  Fuzzy Sedgwick
Mary Elizabeth Winstead  ...  Ingrid Superstar
Don Novello  ...  Mort Silvers
Michael Grady  ...  Cinematographer
Dana E. Glauberman  ...  Editor
Michael Levine  ...  Editor
Comments: When Andy met Edie, life imitated art.

Summary: The lovely face of Sienna Miller fills in for luminous but tragic 1960s icon Edie Sedgwick, the child of wealth and privilege who found brief delight but eventual destruction in the fabled Factory of Pop artist Andy Warhol (Guy Pearce). Factory Girl begins with Sedgwick as a naive art student who comes to New York City seeking freedom from her troubled family, just as Warhol was surrounding himself with oddballs, sycophants, and drug addicts. The eager girl briefly becomes Warhol's favorite and the center of the city's attention, but when she falls into an affair with 'The Musician' (the only slightly ambiguous depiction of a certain nasal-voiced rock star, played by Hayden Christensen, Shattered Glass), Warhol is stricken with jealousy. Factory Girl wants to paint Warhol as the villain in this story of innocence corrupted, but the casting undercuts the movie's moral. Miller, though pretty and capable, never takes us under Sedgwick's skin, and Christensen's performance is one-note and clumsy. But Pearce's Warhol fascinates; it's a sneaky, stealthy performance, predatory yet passive, hiding a million neuroses beneath a cunningly vapid facade. Whenever Pearce is on-screen, Factory Girl sparkles; when he's not--despite abundant views of Miller's and Christensen's attractive naked flesh in the "uncut unrated" version--the movie loses its fizz. Also featuring Mena Suvari (American Beauty), Jimmy Fallon (Fever Pitch), and Illeana Douglas (Grace of My Heart). --Bret Fetzer

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