2007   USA The Girl Next Door
The Girl Next Door Image Cover
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Director:Gregory Wilson
Writer:Daniel Farrands, Philip Nutman
IMDb Rating:6.9 (7,329 votes)
Awards:1 win
Duration:91 min
Gregory Wilson  ...  (Director)
Daniel Farrands, Philip Nutman  ...  (Writer)
William Atherton  ...  Adult David Moran
Blythe Auffarth  ...  Meg Loughlin
Blanche Baker  ...  Ruth Chandler
Kevin Chamberlin  ...  Officer Jennings
Dean Faulkenberry  ...  Kenny
Gabrielle Howarth  ...  Cheryl Robinson
Benjamin Ross Kaplan  ...  Donny Chandler (as Ben Kaplan)
Spenser Leigh  ...  Denise Crocker
Daniel Manche  ...  David Moran
Mark Margolis  ...  Homeless Man Hit By Car
Graham Patrick Martin  ...  Willie Chandler Jr.
Michael Nardella  ...  Tony
Greg Northrop  ...  Police Officer #2 (as Gregory Northtrop)
Grant Show  ...  Mr. Moran
Santo Silvestro  ...  Ice Cream Vendor
Ryan Shore  ...  Composer
William M. Miller  ...  Cinematographer
Michael Fiore  ...  Editor
Summary: Based on the harrowing best-seller by author Jack Ketchum, director Gregory Wilson's The Girl Next Door presents a fictionalized account of the shocking ordeal endured by Sylvia Likens -- an innocent Indiana teen who was systematically tortured, raped, and murdered by a suburban divorcée and a group of neighborhood children in 1965. Shortly after losing their parents in a deadly car accident, Meg Laughlin (Blythe Auffarth) and her younger sister, Susan (Madeline Taylor), are sent to live in the Indiana home of Ruth Chandler (Blanche Baker) and her three sons, Willie (Graham Patrick Martin), Donny (Benjamin Ross Kaplan), and Ralphie (Austin Williams). Upon arriving in the quiet suburban neighborhood, Meg quickly forges a warm bond with local neighbor boy David Moran (Daniel Manche). Strangely, Ruth seems to harbor some sort of unknown grudge against her pretty young charge, and it isn't long before events in the Chandler home begin to take an ominous turn. Now, as Ruth Chandler begins her slow descent into madness, the basement of a typical middle-class home is about to become the scene of a crime that would shock and repulse an entire nation.

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