2007   USA Shoot 'Em Up
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Director:Michael Davis
Studio:New Line Home Video
Writer:Michael Davis
IMDb Rating:6.9 (74,094 votes)
Awards:2 nominations
Genre:Action, Comedy
Duration:86 min
Michael Davis  ...  (Director)
Michael Davis  ...  (Writer)
Clive Owen  ...  Smith
Paul Giamatti  ...  Hertz
Monica Bellucci  ...  Donna Quintano
Stephen McHattie  ...  Hammerson
Greg Bryk  ...  Lone Man
Daniel Pilon  ...  Senator Rutledge
Sidney Mende-Gibson  ...  Baby Oliver
Lucas Mende-Gibson  ...  Baby Oliver
Kaylyn Yellowlees  ...  Baby Oliver
Ramona Pringle  ...  Baby's Mother
Julian Richings  ...  Hertz's Driver
Tony Munch  ...  Man Who Rides Shotgun
Scott McCord  ...  Killer Shot in Behind
Wiley M. Pickett  ...  1st Killer
Stephen R. Hart  ...  Club Bouncer
Peter Pau  ...  Cinematographer
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Summary: Every action movie has a moment so over the top you have to laugh;Shoot 'Em Up consists of nothing but these moments. A carrot-eating, lone wolf kind of guy named Smith (Clive Owen, Children of Men, Inside Man) steps in to protect a pregnant woman from a gunman--and finds himself, with the aid of a lactating prostitute (Monica Belluci, The Matrix Revisited), defending the newborn child from a sleazy contract killer Mr. Hertz (Paul Giamatti, American Splendor, Sideways) and his army of thugs. That's pretty much the plot, but story is beside the point. Writer/director Michael Davis (Monster Man) has a keen sense of what matters in an action movie. The rapid-fire editing is scrupulously coherent; you always grasp what happened in every shoot-out, even if it flagrantly violates the laws of physics or basic plausibility. Explaining how Smith survives a four-story fall--even if that explanation is beyond ridiculous--demonstrates both a sense of wit and a winking respect for the audience's imagination. As a result, Shoot 'Em Up is ten times more entertaining than the likes of Transformers or Rush Hour 3, movies so self-satisfied with special effects or movie stars that they forgot to be fun. (Shoot 'Em Up's only weakness is a sliver of misogyny, the one action movie cliche that it's not clever enough to transcend.) --Bret Fetzer

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