1998   USA Rushmore
Rushmore Image Cover
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Director:Wes Anderson
Studio:Walt Disney Video
Writer:Wes Anderson, Owen Wilson
IMDb Rating:7.8 (59,518 votes)
Awards:Nominated for Golden Globe. Another 13 wins & 11 nominations
Duration:93 min
Wes Anderson  ...  (Director)
Wes Anderson, Owen Wilson  ...  (Writer)
Jason Schwartzman  ...  Max Fischer
Bill Murray  ...  Herman Blume
Olivia Williams  ...  Rosemary Cross
Seymour Cassel  ...  Bert Fischer
Brian Cox  ...  Dr. Nelson Guggenheim
Mason Gamble  ...  Dirk Calloway
Sara Tanaka  ...  Margaret Yang
Stephen McCole  ...  Magnus Buchan
Connie Nielsen  ...  Mrs. Calloway
Luke Wilson  ...  Dr. Peter Flynn
Dipak Pallana  ...  Mr. Adams (as Deepak Pallana)
Andrew Wilson  ...  Coach Beck
Marietta Marich  ...  Mrs. Guggenheim
Ronnie McCawley  ...  Ronny Blume
Keith McCawley  ...  Donny Blume
Robert D. Yeoman  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Wes Anderson's follow-up to the quirky Bottle Rocket is a wonderfully unorthodox coming-of-age story that ranks with Harold and Maude and The Graduate in the pantheon of timeless cult classics. Jason Schwartzman (son of Talia Shire and nephew of Francis Coppola) stars as Max Fischer, a 15-year-old attending the prestigious Rushmore Academy on scholarship, where he's failing all of his classes but is the superstar of the school's extracurricular activities (head of the drama club, the beekeeper club, the fencing club...). Possessing boundless confidence and chutzpah, as well as an aura of authority he seems to have been born with, Max finds two unlikely soulmates in his permutations at Rushmore: industrial magnate and Rushmore alumnus Herman Blume (Bill Murray) and first-grade teacher Rosemary Cross (Olivia Williams). His alliance with Blume and crush on Miss Cross, however, are thrown out of kilter by his expulsion from Rushmore, and a budding romance between the two adults that threatens Max's own designs on the lovely schoolteacher.
Never stooping to sentimentality or schmaltz, Anderson and cowriter Owen Wilson have fashioned a wickedly intelligent and wildly funny tale of young adulthood that hits all the right notes in its mix of melancholy and optimism. As played by Schwartzman, Max is both immediately endearing and ferociously irritating: smarter than all the adults around him, with little sense of his shortcomings, he's an unstoppable dynamo who commands grudging respect despite his outlandish projects (including a school play about Vietnam). Murray, as the tycoon who determinedly wages war with Max for the affections of Miss Cross, is a revelation of middle-aged resignation. Disgusted with his family, his life, and himself, he's turned around by both Max's antagonism and Miss Cross's love. Williams is equally affecting as the teacher who still carries a torch for her dead husband, and the superb supporting cast also includes Seymour Cassel as Max's barber father, Brian Cox as the frustrated headmaster of Rushmore, and a hilarious Mason Gamble as Max's young charge. Put this one on your shelf of modern masterpieces. --Mark Englehart

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