2007   USA Reign Over Me
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Director:Mike Binder
Studio:Sony Pictures
Writer:Mike Binder
IMDb Rating:7.7 (45,893 votes)
Awards:2 nominations
Duration:124 min
Mike Binder  ...  (Director)
Mike Binder  ...  (Writer)
Adam Sandler  ...  Charlie Fineman
Jonathan Banks  ...  Stelter
Don Cheadle  ...  Alan Johnson
Melinda Dillon  ...  Ginger Timpleman
Robert Klein  ...  Jonathan Timpleman
Jada Pinkett Smith  ...  Janeane Johnson
Liv Tyler  ...  Angela Oakhurst
Saffron Burrows  ...  Donna Remar
Donald Sutherland  ...  Judge Raines
Mike Binder  ...  Bryan Sugarman
Rae Allen  ...  Adell Modell
Paula Newsome  ...  Melanie
John de Lancie  ...  Nigel Pennington
Paul Butler  ...  George Johnson
Camille LaChe Smith  ...  Cherie Johnson (as Camille LaChe-Smith)
Russ T. Alsobrook  ...  Cinematographer
Steve Edwards  ...  Editor
Jeremy Roush  ...  Editor
Comments: Let in the unexpected.

Summary: One of the first films to examine the aftermath of post- 9/11 New York City, Reign Over Me shows how much even indirect contact with those who lost loved ones in the tragedy can greatly affect. Like rings of debris spiraling out from an explosion, Charlie Fineman's (Adam Sandler) loss also devastates his in-laws, who he refuses to speak to, and ex-college roommate, Alan Johnson. Reign Over Me stars Johnson, a successful dentist with a gorgeous wife, Janeane (Jada Pinkett Smith) and two kids, who finds Charlie reverted back into a teenage wasteland, unable to face his unbearable sadness. Sandler as Charlie looks like Bob Dylan and acts like Dustin Hoffman in his great dramatic performance. Listening to The Who and The Boss through headphones, playing video games, and continually remodeling his kitchen, Fineman's escapism disturbs Johnson, who, in turn, feels squelched by his stiflingly normal lifestyle. As the two reacquaint, Johnson is the only person who can help save Fineman from self-obliteration. The story analyzes Post Traumatic Stress with some accuracy, though excess sentimentality undermines emotional scenes. Survivor's guilt, assessing mental illness, and absolute incapacitation due to grief are all topics covered within the bounds of the enduring friendship forged between these two men. Ultimately, Reign Over Me's message is one of compassion, as a reminder to treat victims of loss with patience and care. But interestingly, it also pays heed to smaller human tribulations, which are obstacles to healing when left untreated. --Trinie Dalton
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