2006   USA Black Snake Moan
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Director:Craig Brewer
Writer:Craig Brewer
IMDb Rating:7.1 (31,973 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Duration:115 min
Craig Brewer  ...  (Director)
Craig Brewer  ...  (Writer)
Samuel L. Jackson  ...  Lazarus
Christina Ricci  ...  Rae
Justin Timberlake  ...  Ronnie
S. Epatha Merkerson  ...  Angela
John Cothran Jr.  ...  Reverend R. L.
David Banner  ...  Tehronne
Michael Raymond-James  ...  Gill
Adriane Lenox  ...  Rose Woods
Kim Richards  ...  Sandy
Neimus K. Williams  ...  Lincoln
Leonard L. Thomas  ...  Deke Woods
Ruby Wilson  ...  Mayella
Claude Phillips  ...  Bojo
Amy Lavere  ...  Jesse
Clare Grant  ...  Kell
Amy Vincent  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Everything is hotter down south.

Summary: The lurid scenario--a nymphomaniacal white trash nymphet (Christina Ricci) is held prisoner by a bitter bluesman (Samuel L. Jackson)--gives way to an affecting tale of redemption in Black Snake Moan, writer/director Craig Brewer's follow-up to the acclaimed Hustle & Flow. Lazarus (Jackson, Jungle Fever, Pulp Fiction) finds Rae (Ricci, Monster, The Ice Storm) beaten unconscious on the road in front of his backwoods house. After bringing her inside, he learns of her wanton ways and decides to exorcise his own demons by curing Rae of her sexual compulsion. Black Snake Moan could have been terrible, but Brewer takes his story seriously enough to dig into the genuine emotions of such a situation (though along the way he certainly flirts with sexploitation overtones--several scenes look like they were plucked straight out of a hitherto unknown 1970s trash classic). Ricci, Jackson, and the supporting cast (including pop star Justin Timberlake, giving a surprisingly good performance as Rae's boyfriend) treat the characters with respect, honesty, and humor. The result is off-kilter and maybe a little too fond of its sleazy cinematic forbears to truly hit the emotional notes it's after, but Black Snake Moan has considerably more substance than its marketing would suggest. --Bret Fetzer

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