1958   USA Vertigo
Vertigo Image Cover
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Director:Alfred Hitchcock
Studio:Universal Studios
Writer:Pierre Boileau, Thomas Narcejac
IMDb Rating:8.5 (109,336 votes)
Awards:Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 5 wins & 2 nominations
Duration:128 min
Alfred Hitchcock  ...  (Director)
Pierre Boileau, Thomas Narcejac  ...  (Writer)
Isabel Analla  ...  
Raymond Bailey  ...  Scottie's doctor
Barbara Bel Geddes  ...  Marjorie 'Midge' Wood
Paul Bryar  ...  
Ellen Corby  ...  Manager of McKittrick Hotel
James Stewart  ...  Det. John 'Scottie' Ferguson
Kim Novak  ...  Madeleine Elster
Tom Helmore  ...  Gavin Elster
Henry Jones  ...  Coroner
Konstantin Shayne  ...  Pop Leibel
Lee Patrick  ...  Car owner mistaken for Madeleine
Robert Burks  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: A Hitchcock thriller. You should see it from the beginning!

Summary: Although it wasn't a box-office success when originally released in 1958, Vertigo has since taken its deserved place as Alfred Hitchcock's greatest, most spellbinding, most deeply personal achievement. In fact, it consistently ranks among the top 10 movies ever made in the once-a-decade Sight & Sound international critics poll, placing at number 4 in the most recent survey. (Universal Pictures' spectacularly gorgeous 1996 restoration and rerelease of this 1958 Paramount production was a tremendous success with the public, too.) James Stewart plays a retired police detective who is hired by an old friend to follow his wife (a superb Kim Novak, in what becomes a double role), whom he suspects of being possessed by the spirit of a dead madwoman. The detective and the disturbed woman fall ("fall" is indeed the operative word) in love and...well, to give away any more of the story would be criminal. Shot around San Francisco (the Golden Gate Bridge and the Palace of the Legion of Honor are significant locations) and elsewhere in Northern California (the redwoods, Mission San Juan Batista) in rapturous Technicolor, Vertigo is as lovely as it is haunting. --Jim Emerson

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