2009   USA Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Image Cover
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Director:Werner Herzog
Studio:Edward R. Pressman Film
Writer:William M. Finkelstein, Victor Argo, Paul Calderon, Abel Ferrara, Zoë Lund
IMDb Rating:6.8 (34,797 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Genre:Crime, Drama
Duration:121 min
Werner Herzog  ...  (Director)
William M. Finkelstein, Victor Argo, Paul Calderon, Abel Ferrara, Zoë Lund  ...  (Writer)
Nicolas Cage  ...  Terence McDonagh
Eva Mendes  ...  Frankie Donnenfeld
Val Kilmer  ...  Stevie Pruit
Fairuza Balk  ...  Heidi
Jennifer Coolidge  ...  Genevieve
Brad Dourif  ...  Ned Schoenholtz
Michael Shannon  ...  Mundt
Shawn Hatosy  ...  Armand Benoit
Shea Whigham  ...  Justin
Denzel Whitaker  ...  Daryl
Xzibit  ...  Big Fate
Irma P. Hall  ...  Binnie Rogers
Vondie Curtis-Hall  ...  James Brasser
Tom Bower  ...  Pat McDonough
Brandi Coleman  ...  Yvonne
Lance E. Nichols  ...  Isiah Patterson
Katie Chonacas  ...  Tina
Marco St. John  ...  Eugene Gratz
Brandy Moon  ...  Duffy's wife
Deneen Tyler  ...  Pharmacist
J.D. Evermore  ...  Rick Fitzsimon
Kyle Russell Clements  ...  Lawrence
Michael Wozniak  ...  Undercover Officer
Tony Bentley  ...  Hurley
Jillian Batherson  ...  D.A's Assistant
Lauren Pennington  ...  Young woman
Sean Boyd  ...  Lt. Stoyer
David Joseph Martinez  ...  Juan Michel
J. Omar Castro  ...  Narcotics Detective
Armando Leduc  ...  Jeff
Trey Burvant  ...  Dealer
Topher Jones  ...  Undercover Detective
Joe Nemmers  ...  Officer Larry Moy
Nick Gomez  ...  Evaristo Chavez
Sam Medina  ...  Andy
Douglas M. Griffin  ...  Sergeant
Tim Bellow  ...  Gary 'G' Jenkins
Lucius Baston  ...  Deshaun 'Midget' Hackett
Deena Beasley  ...  Miamouna
Noel Arthur  ...  Renaldo Hayes
Robert Pavlovich  ...  Dr. Milburn
Roger J. Timber  ...  Security Guard (as Roger Timber)
Victor Hugo Palacios  ...  Police Officer
Jeremy Aaron Johnson  ...  Detective Yasco
Michael Arnona  ...  Police Captain
C. Stuart Rome  ...  CSI Agent
Joel Davis  ...  TV Play-by-play announcer (voice)
Lyssa Prine  ...  Nurse
Jaime San Andres  ...  Officer Lasseigne
Matt Borel  ...  Bernie
Lorin Moore  ...  Promotion Reporter
Joshua Gillum  ...  Host
Peter Zeitlinger  ...  Cinematographer
Mark Isham  ...  Composer
Comments: Eva Mendes doesn't have much screen time. I don't know why she's on the movie poster. Wait. Yes I do. There's no use comparing this to the 1992 film called Bad Lieutenant by Abel Ferrara because it's not a remake, not the same film at all.

Herzog doesn't spend a lot of time on things, which is good, I suppose, because that way we get more Herzog. But then again, if he would have known ahead of time that he was going to get the performance from Nicolas Cage that he got he might have spent a little more time massaging the script and he might have produced a masterpiece. Instead what he gives us is a pretty good movie with a masterpiece performance from Cage. The film comes off as a series of vignettes rather than a smoothly flowing story. A lot of it is rather implausible if you stop and dissect it so maybe a series of hallucinogenic impressions was the only way to go. It's a great film but it's not a masterpiece.


Summary: Abel Ferrara's cult crime drama Bad Lieutenant is given a sister film with this Werner Herzog-helmed production that takes its inspiration from the original, but focuses on new characters and plotlines. Nicolas Cage steps into Harvey Keitel's mold of a corrupt and drug-addled police officer, with the scummy setting moving from New York City to New Orleans. Eva Mendes, Val Kilmer, and Xzibit co-star in the Nu Image/Millenium Films picture.

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