2006   USA The Night Listener
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Director:Patrick Stettner
Writer:Armistead Maupin, Terry Anderson
IMDb Rating:5.9 (9,177 votes)
Awards:2 nominations
Genre:Mystery, Thriller
Duration:81 min
Patrick Stettner  ...  (Director)
Armistead Maupin, Terry Anderson  ...  (Writer)
Toni Collette  ...  Donna D. Logand
Robin Williams  ...  Gabriel Noone
Joe Morton  ...  Ashe
Bobby Cannavale  ...  Jess
Rory Culkin  ...  Pete D. Logand
Sandra Oh  ...  Anna
Rodrigo Lopresti  ...  Young Man at Party
John Cullum  ...  Pap Noone
Lisa Emery  ...  Darlie Noone
Guenia Lemos  ...  Female Neighbor
Marcia Haufrecht  ...  Pant Suited Woman (as Marcia Halfrecht)
Nick Gregory  ...  Flight Attendant
Ed Jewett  ...  Mail Clerk
Becky Ann Baker  ...  Waitress
Billy Van  ...  Taxi Driver (as Billy Vann)
Billy Vann  ...  Taxi Driver
Lisa Rinzler  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: You never know who's listening.

Summary: Celebrity and psychosis collide to truly creepy effect in The Night Listener. Radio personality Gabriel Noone (Robin Williams) is asked to read an advance copy of a memoir by a boy who was horribly abused by his parents. Struck by the boy's story, Noone starts talking to him over the phone, gradually taking an almost parental interest in him--until someone suggests that the boy may not be exactly who he seems. Troubled, Noone flies to Wisconsin, where he meets the boy's social worker (Toni Collette, The Sixth Sense, In Her Shoes) and uncovers some alarming secrets. Don't let the vague, faux-literary title The Night Listener lead you astray; this is a horror movie and a very good one. There are no supernatural monsters or relentless axe-murderers, only a damaged, manipulative mind, which proves to be creepier than any serial killer. Williams gives an excellent, quirk-free performance, but it's Collette who gets under your skin and crawls around. She's vividly eerie, the sort of performance that can stick with you for days. Stealthy, surprising, and wonderfully acted all around--the movie also features Joe Morton (The Brother from Another Planet), Bobby Cannavale (The Station Agent), and Sandra Oh (Sideways)--The Night Listener is an unexpected gem. --Bret Fetzer

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