2007   USA He Was a Quiet Man
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Director:Frank A. Cappello
Writer:Frank A. Cappello
IMDb Rating:7.0 (13,828 votes)
Awards:2 wins
Duration:99 min
Frank A. Cappello  ...  (Director)
Frank A. Cappello  ...  (Writer)
William H. Macy  ...  Gene Shelby
Christian Slater  ...  Bob Maconel
David Wells  ...  Ralf Coleman
Elisha Cuthbert  ...  Venessa Parks
Greg Baker  ...  
John Gulager  ...  Goldie / Maurice Gregory
Jamison Jones  ...  Scott Harper
Michael DeLuise  ...  Detective Soreson
Sascha Knopf  ...  Paula Metzler
Cristina Lawson  ...  Nancy Felt (as Anzu Lawson)
K.C. Ramsey  ...  Jackson
Randolph Mantooth  ...  Dr. Willis
Frankie Thorn  ...  Jessica Light (as Frankie Lou Thorn)
Sewell Whitney  ...  Derrick Miles
Lisa Arianna  ...  ADD Assistant
Livia Treviño  ...  Shelby's Secretary (as Levia Trevino)
Tina D'Marco  ...  Nurse
Bill Rothbard  ...  
Anzu Lawson  ...  Nancy Felt
Brandon Trost  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: He seemed like such a nice guy.. He pretty much kept to himself...

Summary: Bob Maconel (Christian Slater) endures another eight
hours in a dull grey cubicle.
Ignored by his co-workers, Bob feels completely
invisible and out of sync
with the world. On one strange day he crosses the
line from potential killer
to inadvertent hero when he saves beautiful Venessa
(Elisha Cuthbert).
His Boss (William H. Macy) transforms Bob into a new
man but his good fortune
is short lived when the Object of his Desire asks him
to end her life.

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