2005   UK The Descent
The Descent Image Cover
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Director:Neil Marshall
Studio:Lions Gate
Writer:Neil Marshall
IMDb Rating:7.3 (71,425 votes)
Awards:7 wins & 8 nominations
Duration:98 min
Neil Marshall  ...  (Director)
Neil Marshall  ...  (Writer)
Shauna Macdonald  ...  Sarah
Natalie Jackson Mendoza  ...  Juno
Alex Reid (III)  ...  
Saskia Mulder  ...  Rebecca
MyAnna Buring  ...  Sam
Alex Reid  ...  Beth
Nora-Jane Noone  ...  Holly
Oliver Milburn  ...  Paul
Molly Kayll  ...  Jessica
Craig Conway  ...  Crawler - Scar
Leslie Simpson  ...  Crawler
Mark Cronfield  ...  Crawler
Stephen Lamb  ...  Crawler
Catherine Dyson  ...  Crawler
Julie Ellis  ...  Crawler
Sophie Trott  ...  Crawler
Sam McCurdy  ...  Cinematographer
Jon Harris  ...  Editor
Comments: Scream your last breath.

Summary: Claustrophobia and bloody mayhem collide in the high-adrenaline horror flick The Descent. Six women (including one who lost her husband and child the year before, and one who harbors a bitter secret) spelunk in an unexplored cavern system that turns out to harbor mysterious, predatory creatures. That sums up the story, but--as with writer-director Neil Marshall's previous low-concept movie, Dog Soldiers--the plot doesn't begin to describe the riveting, stomach-lurching thrills this movie provides. The script affords the relatively unknown cast (led by Shauna Macdonald and Natalie Mendoza, both excellent) just enough room to make their characters distinct and genuine, so that when they're dropped into utmost peril our empathy is engaged as much as our fear. The dynamic direction and editing make the cavern a palpable, physical presence, even before the creepy beasts crawl out of their nooks. This is not a movie for everyone; it is extremely gruesome and will induce panic attacks in anyone with even a mild fear of closed spaces. But for anyone seeking something smarter, faster, and more wrenching than static torture-fests like Saw or Hostel, The Descent will draw you into its unsettling ooze. --Bret Fetzer

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