2009   USA 9
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Director:Shane Acker
Studio:Focus Features
Writer:Pamela Pettler, Shane Acker
IMDb Rating:7.0 (42,677 votes)
Awards:4 nominations
Duration:79 min
Shane Acker  ...  (Director)
Pamela Pettler, Shane Acker  ...  (Writer)
Christopher Plummer  ...  1
Martin Landau  ...  2
John C. Reilly  ...  5
Crispin Glover  ...  6
Jennifer Connelly  ...  7
Fred Tatasciore  ...  8
Elijah Wood  ...  9
Alan Oppenheimer  ...  The Scientist (voice)
Tom Kane  ...  Dictator (voice)
Helen Wilson  ...  Newscaster (voice)
Comments: (7) To Defend Us...

Summary: After an apocalyptic war between human and machines, the world is completely destroyed and without human life. The burlap doll 9 awakes without voice and finds a weird object in the middle of the debris that he brings with him. While walking through the ruins, 9 is attacked by a machine called Beast but he is saved by another doll called 2 that fixes his voice. 2 brings 9 to meet his hidden community, leaded by the coward 1. When 2 is captured by a machine, the newcomer 9 convinces the other dolls to go with him to rescue 2. However, 9 places the device that he found in a slot and activates a lethal machine called Brain. The burlap dolls are chased by Brain and despite the advices of 1 that they should hide, 9 organizes an attack to destroy Brain.

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