2002   USA Hysterical Blindness
Hysterical Blindness Image Cover
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Director:Mira Nair
Studio:Blum Israel Productions
Writer:Laura Cahill
IMDb Rating:6.3 (2,202 votes)
Awards:Won Golden Globe. Another 3 wins & 11 nominations
Duration:99 min
Mira Nair  ...  (Director)
Laura Cahill  ...  (Writer)
Uma Thurman  ...  Debby Miller
Gena Rowlands  ...  Virginia Miller
Juliette Lewis  ...  Beth
Justin Chambers  ...  Rick
Ben Gazzara  ...  Nick
Anthony DeSando  ...  Bobby
Jolie Peters  ...  Amber Autumn
Callie Thorne  ...  Carolann
Lisa Altomare  ...  Dora
Laura Cahill  ...  Tonya
Johann Carlo  ...  Susan
Alex Draper  ...  Michael
Russell Gibson  ...  Diner Customer
Jayne Haynes  ...  Annie
Susan Isaacs  ...  Theresa
Declan Quinn  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: In this bittersweet slice of working class single New Jersey life, best friends Debby and Beth (both pushing thirty) go looking for love in the wrong place - namely their favorite bar, Oliver's. Rugged contractor Rick eyes Beth but ends up going home with the more assertive Debby. Beth's style is further cramped by the responsibilities of single motherhood. As Debby tries to parlay what was essentially a casual fling into possible marriage with an indifferent Rick, her mother Virginia wonders if her affair with widower Nick is the real thing. Rounding out the romantic possibilities is Bobby, the bartender who flirts with Beth. The women clash as plans go awry, tragedy strikes, and hearts get broken. In the end, Debby, Beth, and Virginia find, if not the relationships of their dreams, peace with each other and within themselves.

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