2007   USA Hotel Chevalier
Hotel Chevalier Image Cover
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Director:Wes Anderson
Studio:American Empirical Pictures
Writer:Wes Anderson
IMDb Rating:7.1 (9,644 votes)
Duration:13 min
Wes Anderson  ...  (Director)
Wes Anderson  ...  (Writer)
Jason Schwartzman  ...  Jack Whitman
Natalie Portman  ...  Jack's Girlfriend
Waris Ahluwalia  ...  Security
Michel Castejon  ...  Waiter
Robert D. Yeoman  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Grief? Depression? Ambiguity in a Paris hotel room. Jack Whitman lies on a bed, ordering a grilled cheese sandwich from room service. His phone rings; it's a woman on her way to see him, a surprise. He readies the room, moving without affect, drawing a bath, changing his clothes. She arrives, as does the food, and the complications of their relationship emerge in bits and pieces. He invites her out on the balcony to see his view. Will they make love? Is the relationship over?

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