2010   USA Stake Land
Stake Land Image Cover
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Director:Jim Mickle
Studio:Glass Eye Pix
Writer:Nick Damici, Jim Mickle
IMDb Rating:6.6 (6,921 votes)
Awards:1 win
Duration:98 min
Jim Mickle  ...  (Director)
Nick Damici, Jim Mickle  ...  (Writer)
Danielle Harris  ...  Belle
Kelly McGillis  ...  Sister
Bonnie Dennison  ...  Peggy
Connor Paolo  ...  Martin
Michael Cerveris  ...  Jebedia Loven
Adam Scarimbolo  ...  Kevin
Marianne Hagan  ...  Doctor Foley
Chance Kelly  ...  Officer Harley
Sean Nelson  ...  Willie
Nick Damici  ...  Mister
Stuart Rudin  ...  Pops The Barber
Lou Sumrall  ...  Brotherhood Man
Traci Hovel  ...  Martin's Mother
Graham Reznick  ...  Local Radio Voice #2
Brian Spears  ...  Sister Agitha
Ryan Samul  ...  Cinematographer
Eilis Cahill  ...  Scamp
Jean Brassard  ...  End of Days Speaker
Eric Stanze  ...  Radio Newscaster
Comments: Lots of good stuff done well but the Voice Over is a little too precious and the details a little too earnest. Kelly McGillis, ha ... wow.

Summary: Jim Mickle's sophomore film is a 70s style road trip through a grim apocalypse, a land where the men don't talk much because they're too busy cutting down the undead. The living may not be much but it beats a death that never ends.

Mickle's a director with the good sense to know when to back off and when to go for the throat and he is well matched once again with his star and writing partner Nick Damici.

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