2004   USA Down to the Bone
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Director:Debra Granik
Studio:Down to the Bone Productions
Writer:Jean-Michel Dissard, Debra Granik, Anne Kugler, Richard Lieske, Melissa P. Lohman, Alex MacInnis, Joyce Romano
IMDb Rating:6.5 (1,007 votes)
Awards:7 wins & 6 nominations
Duration:101 min
Debra Granik  ...  (Director)
Jean-Michel Dissard, Debra Granik, Anne Kugler, Richard Lieske, Melissa P. Lohman, Alex MacInnis, Joyce Romano  ...  (Writer)
Vera Farmiga  ...  Irene
Hugh Dillon  ...  Bob
Clint Jordan  ...  Steve
Caridad 'La Bruja' De La Luz  ...  Lucy (as Caridad De La Luz)
Jasper Daniels  ...  Ben (as Jasper Moon Daniels)
Taylor Foxhall  ...  Jason
Giles Penderghast  ...  Pet Store Clerk
Terry McKenna  ...  Gene
Richard Lieske  ...  Richard
Hector Vasquez  ...  Hector
Joel Saeks  ...  Lars
Lori Berryman  ...  Acupuncture Therapist
Walt Bolde  ...  Walt
Edward Crawford  ...  Kevin
Gia Mitchell  ...  April
Michael McDonough  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: I thought WINTER'S BONE was a strong film so I decided to check out Debra Granik's earlier film. Since Vera Farmiga is one of my favorite actresses it was an easy sell. DOWN TO THE BONE is just as solid. It's another drug culture film, but it's very understated and speaks about two films worth of ideas through crafty direction, smart writing and great performances. Granik seems to know as well as anybody that everything doesn't have to be spelled out or overly dramatized, that what you don't show or tell is as important as what you do. I'm impressed.

Summary: Winter in hard-scrabble upstate New York. Irene is working class, a mother of two boys, and a user of cocaine. She gets into trouble and checks into a rehab program where she meets Bob, a nurse. After she goes home to her husband and returns to her job as a grocery checker, she stays in touch with Bob and the intimations of an affair begin. By now, she's changed jobs, cleaning houses with her friend Lucy. The temptations of drugs are close at hand. Can she handle sobriety? What about Bob?

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