Man chu   2010   USA, South Korea Late Autumn
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Director:Tae-Yong Kim
Studio:Boram Entertainment
Writer:Tae-Yong Kim
IMDb Rating:6.8 (430 votes)
Awards:3 wins
Duration:115 min
Tae-Yong Kim  ...  (Director)
Tae-Yong Kim  ...  (Writer)
Wei Tang  ...  Anna
Hyun Bin  ...  Hoon
James C. Burns  ...  Steve
Jun-seong Kim  ...  Wang Jing
John Wu  ...  Anna's Husband
Danni Lang  ...  Jiang Huang
Katarina Choi  ...  Isabel
Steve Anderson  ...  Country Cowboy
Heidi Barrientes  ...  Bus Passenger
Nikita Breznikov  ...  Steve's Henchman
Andy Chan  ...  Monk
Jay Wesley Cochran  ...  Bus Driver #1
Kevin Cook  ...  Passerby
Alycia Delmore  ...  Catherine
S. Joe Downing  ...  Passerby
Woo-hyung Kim  ...  Cinematographer
Steve M. Choe  ...  Editor
Jin Lee  ...  Editor
Comments: This film has a few problems but a wonderfully long echo. Tang Wei seems like she might fall asleep most of the way through, but I think that was the director's choice and her adjustment to it is to act almost completely with her eyes--and she does a remarkable job, wonderful actress that she is. Bin Hyeon will blow your mind as a gigolo. At first I didn't think he was going to get past an attempt at caricature, but then he absolutely owns the role, reaching a Javier Bardem level of suave. When he gets to the "This man used my fork" line, all bets are off. It's an amazing performance.

I'd delete the whole scene in the middle with the bumper cars and the dancing even tho it's symbolic and beautiful. And because it's regrettably, mildly expository.

When it comes to the kissing scene at the end, if you think it's too long you haven't enjoyed the movie. If you think it's touching and warm, the film worked for you. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. As far as I'm concerned, it could have been twice as long. Watch Tang Wei deliver a workshop on how to act with the tips of your fingers. She's a talented actress.

I am continuously amazed at how well Koreans end films. And ending a film is the hardest part.

Summary: Anna Chen's (Wei Tang) highly jealous husband discovers that Anna has rekindled a relationship with her first love. When Anna's husband confronts her about their relationship a terrible fight ensues. Anna awakens from a daze and discovers that her husband is dead. The police arrive.

7 years later, Anna learns in prison that her mother has passed away in Seattle. Prison officials grants Anna a three day furlough to attend her mother's funeral.

Anna sits alone on a bus about to embark on a long trip to Seattle. A man in a hurry suddenly boards the bus right before its departure. The man doesn't have enough money to pay for the ticket so he looks over to the seated passengers. The man spots Anna and walks confidently to her. He smiles and asks to borrow $30. The man eventually gets the $30 and is able to ride the bus to Seattle.

The sweet-talking man's name is Hoon (Hyun-Bin). He is a Korean immigrant who works as a gigolo. Hoon is now on the run from a wealthy client's furious husband. These two seemingly lost souls are about to share three memorable days together ...

1. "Full Autumn" is a remake of the 1966 film "Late Autumn" directed by Man-hui Lee.
2. Unlike the original version which was set in South Korea, the 2010 version will be set in America.
3. The 2010 version is co-financed by South Korean production companies "Boram Entertainment" / "M&FC" and U.S. company "North by Northwest Entertainment".
4. In late November, actress Wei Tang traveled to South Korea to meet actor Hyun-Bin & director Kim Tae-Yong. She spent 2 nights and 3 days in Korea, while rehearing the scenario.
5. Filming for "Full Autumn" began January 12th in Seattle, Washington.
6. Filming ended on March 1st on Whidbey Island in Island County, Washington State. The final scene filmed was the actual last scene for the movie, which is the epilogue scene involving Wei Tang. Actor Hyun-Bin was also present for the filming of the last scene and once that scene wrapped, staff and cast members celebrated.
7. Dialogue will be spoken entirely in English.

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