Procès, Le   1962   USA The Trial
The Trial Image Cover
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Director:Orson Welles
Studio:Image Entertainment
Writer:Franz Kafka, Orson Welles
IMDb Rating:7.8 (6,706 votes)
Awards:1 win
Duration:119 min
Orson Welles  ...  (Director)
Franz Kafka, Orson Welles  ...  (Writer)
Max Buchsbaum  ...  Examining Magistrate
Raoul Delfosse  ...  
Suzanne Flon  ...  Miss Pittl
Arnoldo Foà  ...  Inspector A
Jess Hahn  ...  
Anthony Perkins  ...  Josef K.
Jeanne Moreau  ...  Marika Burstner
Romy Schneider  ...  Leni
Elsa Martinelli  ...  Hilda
Orson Welles  ...  Albert Hastler (The Advocate)
Akim Tamiroff  ...  Bloch
Madeleine Robinson  ...  Mrs. Grubach
Fernand Ledoux  ...  Chief Clerk of the Law Court
Michael Lonsdale  ...  Priest
Max Haufler  ...  Uncle Max
Maurice Teynac  ...  Deputy Manager
Wolfgang Reichmann  ...  Courtroom Guard
Edmond Richard  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Orson Welles's 1962 take on Franz Kafka's nightmare comedy stars Anthony Perkins as a twitchy K, a man accused of a crime that is never specified. The story has been filmed several times over the years, but not quite with the air of noir fable Welles brings to it. Beginning with an unexpected prologue in which Welles, in voiceover, tells a haunting parable while we look at artwork by pioneer pinscreen animators Claire Parker and Alexandre Alexeieff, The Trial is one surprising and visually startling chapter after another. The sense of an unrelieved, labyrinthine passage through an incoherent world--in which a very real but determinedly unclear guilt dogs poor K--is merciless but compelling to see, and resonates profoundly with Welles's obsession with the power and nature of illusion. A cast heavy on female icons from the '60s includes Jeanne Moreau, Elsa Martinelli, and Romy Schneider. Welles favorite Akim Tamiroff is also on hand, and Welles himself plays the Advocate. --Tom Keogh

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