2000   UK, USA, Luxembourg Shadow of the Vampire
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Director:E. Elias Merhige
Studio:Saturn Films
Writer:Steven Katz
IMDb Rating:6.9 (23,167 votes)
Awards:Nominated for 2 Oscars, Another 16 wins & 16 nominations
Genre:Drama, Horror
Duration:92 min
Languages:English, German, Luxembourgish
E. Elias Merhige  ...  (Director)
Steven Katz  ...  (Writer)
John Malkovich  ...  Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau
Willem Dafoe  ...  Max Schreck
Udo Kier  ...  Albin Grau
Cary Elwes  ...  Fritz Arno Wagner
Catherine McCormack  ...  Greta Schröder
Eddie Izzard  ...  Gustav von Wangenhein
Aden Gillett  ...  Henrik Galeen
Nicholas Elliott  ...  Paul
Ronan Vibert  ...  Wolfgang Müller
Sophie Langevin  ...  Elke
Myriam Muller  ...  Maria
Milos Hlavac  ...  Innkeeper
Marja-Leena Junker  ...  Innkeeper's Wife
Derek Kueter  ...  Reporter 1
Norman Golightly  ...  Reporter 2
Dan Jones  ...  Composer
Lou Bogue  ...  Cinematographer
Chris Wyatt  ...  Editor
Comments: This is hilarious, spooky, weird, and beautifully shot on beautiful locations on beautiful sets. Peak Malkovich. Peak Dafoe

Movies about making a movie have become a favorite of mine. How did this film escape me for so long?

Thanks MrJago!

Added to my list Movies about making a movie

Summary: Shadow of the Vampire is a film about the making of a German all time classic silent horror-movie from 1922 called Nosferatu-Eine Symphonie des Grauens (Nosferatu-a Symphony of Horror). The production of Nosferatu had to deal with a lot of strange things (some crew members disappeared, some died). This movie focuses on the difficult relationship between Murnau, the director, and Schreck, the lead actor.

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