1990   USA Jacob's Ladder
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Director:Adrian Lyne
Studio:Lions Gate
Writer:Bruce Joel Rubin
IMDb Rating:7.5 (34,303 votes)
Awards:2 wins
Genre:Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Duration:116 min
Adrian Lyne  ...  (Director)
Bruce Joel Rubin  ...  (Writer)
Tim Robbins  ...  Jacob Singer
Elizabeth Peña  ...  Jezebel
Danny Aiello  ...  Louis
Matt Craven  ...  Michael
Pruitt Taylor Vince  ...  Paul
Jason Alexander  ...  Geary
Patricia Kalember  ...  Sarah
Eriq La Salle  ...  Frank
Ving Rhames  ...  George
Brian Tarantina  ...  Doug
Anthony Alessandro  ...  Rod
Brent Hinkley  ...  Jerry
S. Epatha Merkerson  ...  Elsa
Suzanne Shepherd  ...  Hospital Receptionist
Doug Barron  ...  Group Leader
Jeffrey L. Kimball  ...  Cinematographer
Tom Rolf  ...  Editor
Summary: Vietnam veteran Jacob Singer (Tim Robbins) thinks he is going insane. Or worse. When his nightmares begin spilling into his waking hours, Jacob believes he is experiencing the aftereffects of a powerful drug tested on him during Vietnam. Or perhaps his posttraumatic stress disorder is worse than most. Whatever is happening to him, it is not good. Director Adrian Lyne sparks our interest and maintains high production values, but this confusing film chokes on its "surprise" ending. It owes much to Ambrose Bierce's haunting and more straightforward story, "An Occurrence at Owl Creek." Written by Bruce Joel Rubin, who also explored the "other side" in Ghost and My Life, it ultimately feels like an exercise in self-indulgence. A spirited performance by Elizabeth Peña outshines Robbins, who is surprisingly lethargic. --Rochelle O'Gorman

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