2012   USA Ruby Sparks
Ruby Sparks Image Cover
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Director:Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris
Studio:Fox Searchlight Pictures
Writer:Zoe Kazan
IMDb Rating:7.2 (19,293 votes)
Awards:3 nominations
Genre:Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Duration:104 min
Languages:English, French
Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris  ...  (Director)
Zoe Kazan  ...  (Writer)
Paul Dano  ...  Calvin Weir-Fields
Zoe Kazan  ...  Ruby Sparks
Chris Messina  ...  Harry
Annette Bening  ...  Gertrude
Antonio Banderas  ...  Mort
Aasif Mandvi  ...  Cyrus Modi
Steve Coogan  ...  Langdon Tharp
Toni Trucks  ...  Susie
Deborah Ann Woll  ...  Lila
Elliott Gould  ...  Dr. Rosenthal
Alia Shawkat  ...  Mabel
Jane Anne Thomas  ...  Saskia
John F. Beach  ...  Adam
Eleanor Seigler  ...  Mandi
Emma Jacobs  ...  Party Goer at Langdon's
Nick Urata  ...  Composer
Matthew Libatique  ...  Cinematographer
Pamela Martin  ...  Editor
Summary: Calvin is a genius novelist who begins to type a new novel on his manual typewriter about Ruby, his dream girl. He can't believe his eyes, because the next day, Ruby becomes a real person, and they begin to have a beautiful relationship together. If the relationship isn't perfect, all Calvin has to do is simply type the words on the page and Ruby's actions change to what he needs.

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