2013   USA Thor: The Dark World
Thor: The Dark World Image Cover
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Director:Alan Taylor, James Gunn
Studio:Marvel Entertainment
Writer:Christopher Yost, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely, Don Payne, Robert Rodat, Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Jack Kirby
IMDb Rating:7.6 (83,142 votes)
Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Duration:112 min
Alan Taylor, James Gunn  ...  (Director)
Christopher Yost, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely, Don Payne, Robert Rodat, Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Jack Kirby  ...  (Writer)
Chris Hemsworth  ...  Thor
Natalie Portman  ...  Jane Foster
Tom Hiddleston  ...  Loki
Anthony Hopkins  ...  Odin
Christopher Eccleston  ...  Malekith
Jaimie Alexander  ...  Sif
Zachary Levi  ...  Fandral
Ray Stevenson  ...  Volstagg
Tadanobu Asano  ...  Hogun
Idris Elba  ...  Heimdall
Rene Russo  ...  Frigga
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje  ...  Algrim / Kurse
Kat Dennings  ...  Darcy Lewis
Stellan Skarsgård  ...  Erik Selvig
Alice Krige  ...  Eir
Brian Tyler  ...  Composer
Kramer Morgenthau  ...  Cinematographer
Dan Lebental  ...  Editor
Wyatt Smith  ...  Editor
Summary: Thousands of years ago, a race of beings known as Dark Elves tried to send the universe into darkness by using a weapon known as the Aether. But warriors from Asgard stop them but their leader Malekith escapes to wait for another opportunity. The warriors find the Aether and since it can't be destroyed, they try to hide it. In the present day, Jane Foster awaits the return of Thor but it's been two years. He's trying to bring peace to the nine realms. Jane discovers an anomaly similar to the one that brought Thor to Earth. She goes to investigate and finds a wormhole and is sucked into it. Thor wishes to return to Earth but his father, Odin refuses to let him. Thor learns from Heimdall, the one who can see into all of the realms that Jane disappeared. Thor then returns to Earth just as Jane returns. But when some policemen try to arrest her, some kind of energy repulses them. Thor then brings her to Asgard to find out what happened to her. When it happens again, they discovered that ...

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