2010   USA I'm Still Here
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Director:Casey Affleck
Studio:They Are Going to Kill Us Productions
Writer:Casey Affleck, Joaquin Phoenix
IMDb Rating:6.2 (11,609 votes)
Awards:1 win
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Music
Duration:108 min
Casey Affleck  ...  (Director)
Casey Affleck, Joaquin Phoenix  ...  (Writer)
Joaquin Phoenix  ...  Himself
Antony Langdon  ...  Anton
Carey Perloff  ...  Play Director
Larry McHale  ...  Larry McHale
Casey Affleck  ...  Casey Afflect
Jack Nicholson  ...  Himself
Billy Crystal  ...  Billy Crystal
Danny Glover  ...  Danny Glover
Bruce Willis  ...  Himself
Robin Wright  ...  Herself
Danny DeVito  ...  Himself
Jerry Penacoli  ...  Jerry
Susan Patricola  ...  Susan
Patrick Whitesell  ...  Patrick
Nicole Acacio  ...  Nicole
Marty Fogg  ...  Composer
Magdalena Górka  ...  Cinematographer
Dody Dorn  ...  Editor
Summary: In 2008 while rehearsing for a charity event, actor Joaquin Phoenix, with Casey Affleck's camera watching, tells people he's quitting to pursue a career in rap music. Over the next year, we watch the actor write, rehearse, and perform to an audience. He importunes Sean Combs in hopes he'll produce the record. We see the actor in his home: he parties, smokes, bawls out his two-man entourage, talks philosophy with Affleck, and comments on celebrity.

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