2004   USA National Treasure
National Treasure Image Cover
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Director:Jon Turteltaub
Studio:Buena Vista Home Video
Writer:Jim Kouf, Oren Aviv
IMDb Rating:6.8 (103,181 votes)
Awards:1 win & 7 nominations
Genre:Action, Adventure, Thriller
Duration:131 min
Jon Turteltaub  ...  (Director)
Jim Kouf, Oren Aviv  ...  (Writer)
Nicolas Cage  ...  Ben Gates
Diane Kruger  ...  Abigail Chase
Justin Bartha  ...  Riley Poole
Sean Bean  ...  Ian Howe
Jon Voight  ...  Patrick Gates
Harvey Keitel  ...  Sadusky
Christopher Plummer  ...  John Adams Gates
David Dayan Fisher  ...  Shaw
Stewart Finlay-McLennan  ...  Powell
Oleg Taktarov  ...  Shippen
Stephen A. Pope  ...  Phil
Annie Parisse  ...  Agent Dawes
Mark Pellegrino  ...  Agent Johnson
Armando Riesco  ...  Agent Hendricks
Erik King  ...  Agent Colfax
Caleb Deschanel  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: The greatest adventure history has ever revealed.

Summary: Benjamin Franklin Gates descends from a family of treasure-seekers who've all hunted for the same thing: a war chest hidden by the Founding Fathers after the Revolutionary War. Ben's close to discovering its whereabouts, as is his competition, but the FBI is also hip to the hunt.

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