2002   USA Heaven
Heaven Image Cover
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Director:Tom Tykwer
Studio:Miramax Films
Writer:Krzysztof Kieslowski, Krzysztof Piesiewicz
IMDb Rating:7.2 (13,311 votes)
Awards:5 wins & 7 nominations
Duration:97 min
Tom Tykwer  ...  (Director)
Krzysztof Kieslowski, Krzysztof Piesiewicz  ...  (Writer)
Cate Blanchett  ...  Philippa
Giovanni Ribisi  ...  Filippo
Remo Girone  ...  Filippo's Father
Stefania Rocca  ...  Regina
Alessandro Sperduti  ...  Ariel
Mattia Sbragia  ...  Major Pini
Stefano Santospago  ...  Mr. Vendice
Alberto Di Stasio  ...  The Prosecutor
Giovanni Vettorazzo  ...  The Inspector
Gianfranco Barra  ...  The Lieutenant
Vincent Riotta  ...  Chief Guard
Mauro Marino  ...  Doctor
Stefania Orsola Garello  ...  Vendice's Secretary
Fausto Lombardi  ...  Father High Rise
Giorgia Coppa  ...  Older Daughter
Frank Griebe  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: NO SPOILERS. This is a wonderful, complex movie, very much Kieslowski's. This was intended to be the first part of a trilogy, working title, Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell, as in Trois couleurs. Obviously, after Kieslowski's passing, this will not happen. The movie opens with us following an English teacher, Philippa (Cate Blanchett) working in Italy, who assembles a home-made bomb which she places in some serious guy's office. The law of unintended consequences applies, and she confesses to the murder of 4 innocent people. The key moment in the long (and thrilling) opening sequence is when the accidental translator Filippo (Giovanni Ribisi) holds Philippa's hand after she passes out briefly during interview. Beautiful, unspoken, declaration of love. By quite complicated (and subtle) means, which will wrong-foot you at every turn, Philippa and Filippo go on the run. The love affair is, for most of the movie, platonic, but searingly serious. All the cops in Italy are chasing down this 'terrorist' and her partner, and their chances of survival are poor, to say the least. They find out who their friends are. This is that strange thing, an art-house movie which works as a cops & robbers thriller. See this movie. It will grip you and break your heart.

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