1993   Canada Love & Human Remains
Love & Human Remains Image Cover
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Director:Denys Arcand
Studio:Atlantis Films
Writer:Brad Fraser, Brad Fraser
IMDb Rating:6.7 (1,676 votes)
Awards:1 win & 3 nominations
Duration:100 min
Denys Arcand  ...  (Director)
Brad Fraser, Brad Fraser  ...  (Writer)
Thomas Gibson  ...  David
Ruth Marshall  ...  Candy
Cameron Bancroft  ...  Bernie
Mia Kirshner  ...  Benita
Joanne Vannicola  ...  Jerri
Matthew Ferguson  ...  Kane
Rick Roberts  ...  Robert
Aidan Devine  ...  Sal (as Aidan Devin)
Robert Higden  ...  The Editor
Sylvain Morin  ...  The Drag Queen
Ben Watt  ...  The Native Boy
Karen Young  ...  The Singer
Serge Houde  ...  The Cowboy
Alex Wylding  ...  The First Victim
Polly Shannon  ...  The Second Victim
Paul Sarossy  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Very happy to see a Blu-ray of this show up in my convenience store. Major improvement for this quintessential 90's alt-indie-gay-dramcom

It's really, really funny in a cynical and very sarcastic way. No punches pulled. Thomas Gibson is off the charts. All the characters are well observed. There's a serial killer analog underplot and a suicide which reveal the lengths the film will go to bum you out even when it tugs your heartstrings. People are all fucked up but deserve redemption. Somehow

If you dig the 90's thing (or have a crush on Thomas Gibson--You'll never un-see the man in a white cowboy out) this film is for you.

Summary: Set in a dreary urban landscape of an anonymous Canadian city, LOVE AND HUMAN REMAINS is a dark comedy about a group of twentysomethings looking for love and meaning in the '90s. The film focuses on roommates David, a gay waiter who has has given up on his acting career, and Candy, a book reviewer who is also David's ex-lover. David and Candy's lives are entangled with those of David's friends (a busboy, a psychic dominatrix, and a misogynistic civil-servant) and Candy's dates (a male bartender and a lesbian schoolteacher). Meanwhile, a serial killer menaces the concrete and asphalt neighbourhood in which David and Candy live.

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