1980   USA Dressed to Kill
Dressed to Kill Image Cover
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Director:Brian De Palma
Studio:Filmways Pictures
Writer:Brian De Palma
IMDb Rating:7.1 (28,807 votes)
Genre:Drama, Mystery
Duration:105 min
Brian De Palma  ...  (Director)
Brian De Palma  ...  (Writer)
Michael Caine  ...  Doctor Robert Elliott
Angie Dickinson  ...  Kate Miller
Nancy Allen  ...  Liz Blake
Keith Gordon  ...  Peter Miller
Dennis Franz  ...  Detective Marino
David Margulies  ...  Dr. Levy
Ken Baker  ...  Warren Lockman
Susanna Clemm  ...  Betty Luce
Brandon Maggart  ...  Cleveland Sam
Amalie Collier  ...  Cleaning Woman
Mary Davenport  ...  Woman in Restaurant
Anneka Di Lorenzo  ...  Nurse (as Anneka De Lorenzo)
Norman Evans  ...  Ted
Robbie L. McDermott  ...  Man in Shower
Bill Randolph  ...  Chase Cabbie
Pino Donaggio  ...  Composer
Ralf D. Bode  ...  Cinematographer
Gerald B. Greenberg  ...  Editor
Summary: While taking a shower, Kate Miller, a middle-aged, sexually frustrated New York City housewife, has a rape fantasy while her husband stands at the sink shaving. Later that day, after complaining to her psychiatrist Dr. Robert Elliott about her husband's pathetic performance in bed, she meets a strange man at a museum and returns to his apartment where they continue an adulterous encounter that began in the taxicab. Before she leaves his apartment, she finds papers which certify that the man has a venereal disease. Panicked, Kate rushes into the elevator, but has to return to his apartment when she realizes she's forgotten her wedding ring. When the elevator doors open, she's brutally slashed to death by a tall blonde woman wearing dark sunglasses. Liz Blake, a high-class call girl, is the only witness to the murder and she becomes the prime suspect and the murderess's next target. Liz is rescued from being killed by Kate's son Peter, who enlists the help of Liz to catch his mother's ...

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