1978   USA Coming Home
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Director:Hal Ashby
Studio:Jerome Hellman Productions
Writer:Waldo Salt, Robert C. Jones, Nancy Dowd, Rudy Wurlitzer
IMDb Rating:7.3 (10,764 votes)
Genre:Drama, War, Romance
Duration:127 min
Hal Ashby  ...  (Director)
Waldo Salt, Robert C. Jones, Nancy Dowd, Rudy Wurlitzer  ...  (Writer)
Jane Fonda  ...  Sally Hyde
Jon Voight  ...  Luke Martin
Bruce Dern  ...  Capt. Bob Hyde
Penelope Milford  ...  Vi Munson
Robert Carradine  ...  Bill Munson
Robert Ginty  ...  Sgt. Dink Mobley
Mary Gregory  ...  Martha Vickery
Kathleen Miller  ...  Kathy Delise
Beeson Carroll  ...  Capt. Earl Delise
Willie Tyler  ...  Virgil
Louis Carello  ...  Bozo (as Lou Carello)
Charles Cyphers  ...  Pee Wee
Olivia Cole  ...  Corrine
Tresa Hughes  ...  Nurse Degroot
Bruce French  ...  Dr. Lincoln
Haskell Wexler  ...  Cinematographer
Don Zimmerman  ...  Editor
Summary: Sally Bender is the wife of a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps. He is sent over to Vietnam, and Sally is alone. With nothing else to do, she decides to volunteer at a local veteran's hospital, where she meets Luke, who went to high school with Sally. Luke was wounded and is paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. When Sally begins to fall in love with Luke, she has to make a crucial decision about her life.

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