1987   USA Less Than Zero
Less Than Zero Image Cover
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Director:Marek Kanievska
Studio:Twentieth Century Fox
Writer:Bret Easton Ellis, Harley Peyton
IMDb Rating:6.4 (16,360 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Genre:Drama, Crime
Duration:98 min
Languages:English, Spanish
Marek Kanievska  ...  (Director)
Bret Easton Ellis, Harley Peyton  ...  (Writer)
Andrew McCarthy  ...  Clay
Jami Gertz  ...  Blair
Robert Downey Jr.  ...  Julian
James Spader  ...  Rip
Tony Bill  ...  Bradford Easton
Nicholas Pryor  ...  Benjamin Wells
Donna Mitchell  ...  Elaine Easton
Michael Bowen  ...  Hop
Sarah Buxton  ...  Markie
Lisanne Falk  ...  Patti
Michael Greene  ...  Robert Wells
Neith Hunter  ...  Alana
Afton Smith  ...  Kim
Brian Wimmer  ...  Trent
Kelly Wolf  ...  Lile
Thomas Newman  ...  Composer
Edward Lachman  ...  Cinematographer
Peter E. Berger  ...  Editor
Michael Tronick  ...  Editor
Summary: Clay, an eighteen-year-old freshman, comes back from his first term at Princeton to spend his Christmas vacation with his broken-up wealthy family in Los Angeles. His former girlfriend, Blair, is now involved with his ex-best-friend, Julian. She warns Clay that Julian needs help: he is using a lot of cocaine and has huge debts. What follows is a look at the youth culture of wealthy post adolescents in Beverly Hills with a strong anti-drug message. Apart from the setting and the names, the film has very little to do with Bret Easton Ellis's book by the same title on which it was based.

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