2018   UK, USA Dynasties
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Director:Simon Blakeney, Will Lawson, Nick Lyon, Rosie Thomas
Studio:BBC Natural History Unit (NHU)
IMDb Rating:9.3 (1,810 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Genre:Documentary, BigCats
Duration:60 min
Simon Blakeney, Will Lawson, Nick Lyon, Rosie Thomas  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
David Attenborough  ...  Himself - Presenter 5 episodes, 2018
Comments: Too much photography, which is mostly gorgeous, and not enough film making. Too many long extreme closeups of flies and gnats on the lions’ faces are gross.

Summary: Dynasties: Series 1
Dynasties take you deeper into the lives of five of the world’s most celebrated and endangered animals than ever before: Emperor Penguin, Chimpanzee, Lion, Painted Wolf and Tiger. Travel from the plains of Africa to the jungles of India, from the edge of the Sahara to the frozen wastes of Antarctica.

Part 1: Chimpanzee
Power plays and politics dominate in this chimpanzee’s dramatic fight to stay at the top. David is a strong and determined leader who rules over his troop of 32 in Senegal, West Africa. He has already led this group for 3 years - most alpha males here don't hold on to the power much longer than this. Ruthless rivals are circling, eager to snatch his crown, and are even prepared to kill him for it. David needs allies – and fast. Who can he trust?

Part 2: Emperor
A colony of emperor penguins gather in Atka Bay, on the coast of Antarctica, after three months of feeding at sea. They arrive as the water freezes over and all the other Antarctic animals have left the continent for the relative safety of the sea. The penguins have come here to raise the next generation in their emperor's dynasty. But to do so they will have to work together to keep themselves and their chicks alive through the coming winter - the coldest and cruellest on earth.

Part 3: Lion
The future of the pride depends on this mighty lioness. Charm may be the most powerful leader in the history of the Marsh Pride of Kenya’s Masai Mara, but if her cubs don’t make it to adulthood, her dynastic bloodline will be lost. Since the pride’s adult males abandoned the family, she must not only hunt around the clock to feed the pride’s young, but also defend them from marauding hyena clans, huge herds of buffalo, and even other lions. There’s nothing Charm won’t do to protect her pride.

Part 4: Painted Wolf
Family treachery is central to Blacktip's story. The rebellious, risk-taking painted wolf roams the floodplains and forests in Mana Pools, Northern Zimbabwe, leading an intimidating pack of 30. But the group has become so huge that this alpha female needs more territory. And she’s prepared to make tough choices when it comes to feeding her growing family.

Part 5: Tiger
An experienced hunter, tigress Raj Bhera will do anything to keep her cubs alive. She lives in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in India and is a devoted mother to four young cubs – but, she has a troubled relationship with an older daughter Solo. Solo is a dangerous rival and is looking to invade Raj Bhera's territory. Raj Bhera must spend her time precariously balanced between hunting for her cubs, scent marking to keep her boundaries safe and nursing her small cubs.

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