Three from Hell   2019   USA 3 from Hell
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Director:Rob Zombie
Studio:Capital Arts Entertainment
Writer:Rob Zombie
IMDb Rating:5.7 (3,010 votes)
Duration:111 min
Rob Zombie  ...  (Director)
Rob Zombie  ...  (Writer)
Sheri Moon Zombie  ...  Baby
Bill Moseley  ...  Otis Driftwood
Sid Haig  ...  Captain Spaulding
Jeff Daniel Phillips  ...  Warden Virgil Harper
Richard Brake  ...  Winslow Foxworth Coltrane
Kevin Jackson  ...  Gerard James
Tracey Leigh  ...  Judy Harper (as Tracey A. Leigh)
Sylvia Jefferies  ...  Heather Starship Galen
Emilio Rivera  ...  Aquarius
Richard Edson  ...  Carlos Perro
Pancho Moler  ...  Sebastian
Dee Wallace  ...  Greta
Stacie Greenwell  ...  Janice
Anny Rosario  ...  Juanita
Matthew Willig  ...  Creep
Zeuss  ...  Composer
David Daniel  ...  Cinematographer
Glenn Garland  ...  Editor
Comments: Nice visual touches. All the characters are slightly off, where you think they're gonna fuck up and reveal acting. The whole film feels destined to fail but doesn't. Made with love. Good times.

Summary: After being imprisoned for 10 years, the "Devil's Rejects" are back at it again. Otis (Bill Moseley) escapes prison, meets Winslow (Richard Brake), and devises a plan to get his sister Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie) out too. The Rejects make their way down the road and into Mexico, killing countless people on their way. They find a place to stay, but are soon bombarded with a large group of killers- killers who are after these Three From Hell. Only one group can come out alive, and with the experience these three have, it'll just have to be one great killing joyride.

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