Nan Fang Che Zhan De Ju Hui   2019   China, France The Wild Goose Lake
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Director:Yi'nan Diao
Studio:Arte France Cinéma
Writer:Yi'nan Diao
IMDb Rating:6.8 (3,408 votes)
Awards:12 wins & 21 nominations
Genre:Crime, Drama
Duration:113 min
Yi'nan Diao  ...  (Director)
Yi'nan Diao  ...  (Writer)
Ge Hu  ...  Zenong Zhou
Lun-Mei Gwei  ...  Aiai Liu
Fan Liao  ...  Captain Liu
Regina Wan  ...  Shujun Yang
Dao Qi  ...  Hua Hua
Jue Huang  ...  Yan Ge
Zeng Meihuizi  ...  
Yicong Zhang  ...  Xiao Dongbei
Yongzhong Chen  ...  Client
Chloe Maayan  ...  Ping Ping
Jingsong Dong  ...  Cinematographer
Jinlei Kong  ...  Editor
Matthieu Laclau  ...  Editor
Comments: Once Diao gets the first act out of the way and the chase begins, with all it's twists and turns, he's freed up to paint the rest of the film. I think it shines, and any time a director incorporates a dance number in the middle of a film like this, I'm on board.

Diao shows he's worth keeping an eye on. This isn't as good as his previous work though. It's not actually a very good film but I enjoyed it quite a bit, nonetheless. He's tackling (and exposing?) a side of China we don't see much of and he's got enough visual pizazz to offer cover for the lumps in his story execution. Theme-wise it's Korean style bumbling cop adventure wrapped in a Sergio Leone-esque opera of pacing and framing.

The first act is expository setup and grunting man nonsense which isn't interesting --except for Gwei Lun-Mei's introduction which is off the charts.

SIDEBAR - If you don't already know and love Guey's work you might find her performance weak. She isn't attempting to act poorly, she's acting well how someone who doesn't know how to act well in real life would act. Or something like that. And there's the rub:

Diao's films are full of bumbling characters. And bumbling executions. I want to say it make it seem more real, but that's not it. Diao is doing something different than just having his characters act stupid. It's not done for laughs or derision. It adds to the surreal nature of the proceedings because you can't count on things to happen as you expect them to (from other films).

I hope Guey continues to work with Diao. I'm diggin what she's doin.

Summary: A gangster on the run sacrifices everything for his family and a woman he meets while on the lam.

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