2019   France Lux Æterna
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Director:Gaspar Noé
Studio:Les Cinémas de la Zone
Writer:Gaspar Noé
IMDb Rating:6.8 (227 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Genre:Drama, Thriller
Duration:51 min
Gaspar Noé  ...  (Director)
Gaspar Noé  ...  (Writer)
Charlotte Gainsbourg  ...  Charlotte
Béatrice Dalle  ...  Béatrice
Mica Argañaraz  ...  Mica (as Mica Arganaraz)
Yannick Bono  ...  Yannick
Loup Brankovic  ...  Loup
Stefania Cristian  ...  Stefania (Fanny)
Clara Deshayes  ...  Clara 3000 (as Clara 3000)
Claude-Emmanuelle Gajan-Maull  ...  Claude-Emmanuelle
Karl Glusman  ...  Karl
Paul Hameline  ...  Paul
Luka Isaac  ...  Luka
Tom Kan  ...  Tom
Abbey Lee  ...  Abbey
Félix Maritaud  ...  Félix
Lola Perier  ...  Lola
Benoît Debie  ...  Cinematographer
Jerome Pesnel  ...  Editor
Comments: Why isn't this listed as a comedy? It's funny as hell

The horror is symbolic and the drama is mockumentary. The comedy is in your face

No disrespect but I don't understand why Gasper Noe gets any respect. He seems like a nihilistic punk. I love it. I just don't understand why other people do

Watching this I kept thinking "Man, I can't wait to re-watch Climax"

Summary: Two actresses, Béatrice Dalle and Charlotte Gainsbourg, are on a film set telling stories about witches - but that's not all. 'Lux Æterna' is also an essay on cinema, the love of film, and on-set hysterics.

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