Un chien andalou   1929   France An Andalusian Dog
An Andalusian Dog Image Cover
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Director:Luis Buñuel
Studio:Transflux Films
Writer:Salvador Dalí, Luis Buñuel
IMDb Rating:8.0 (14,785 votes)
Duration:16 min
Luis Buñuel  ...  (Director)
Salvador Dalí, Luis Buñuel  ...  (Writer)
Simone Mareuil  ...  Young girl (as Simonne Mareuil)
Pierre Batcheff  ...  Man (as Pierre Batchef)
Salvador Dalí  ...  
Robert Hommet  ...  
Marval  ...  
Albert Duverger  ...  Cinematographer
Jimmy Berliet  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: In a dream-like sequence, a woman's eye is slit open--juxtaposed with a similarly shaped cloud obsucuring the moon moving in the same direction as the knife through the eye--to grab the audience's attention. The French phrase "ants in the palms," (which means that someone is "itching" to kill) is shown literally. A man pulls a piano along with the tablets of the Ten Commandments and a dead donkey towards the woman he's itching to kill. A shot of differently striped objects is repeatedly used to connect scenes.

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