2005   Spain Princesas
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Director:Fernando León de Aranoa
Studio:Reposado Producciones
Writer:Fernando León de Aranoa
IMDb Rating:7.0 (2,383 votes)
Awards:10 wins & 17 nominations
Duration:109 min
Fernando León de Aranoa  ...  (Director)
Fernando León de Aranoa  ...  (Writer)
Candela Peña  ...  Caye
Micaela Nevárez  ...  Zulema
Mariana Cordero  ...  Pilar
Llum Barrera  ...  Gloria
Violeta Pérez  ...  Caren
Mònica Van Campen  ...  Ángela
Flora Álvarez  ...  Rosa
María Ballesteros  ...  Miss Metadona
Alejandra Llorente  ...  Mamen
Luis Callejo  ...  Manuel
Antonio Durán 'Morris'  ...  Funcionario
Pere Arquillué  ...  Carlos
Pepa Aniorte  ...  Alicia
Alberto Ferreiro  ...  Voluntario
Enrique Villén  ...  Dueño del bar
Alfonso Vilallonga  ...  Composer
Ramiro Civita  ...  Cinematographer
Nacho Ruiz Capillas  ...  Editor
Comments: The princesas in the film are two prostitutes: Caye, who is saving for breast implants, and Zulema, who is saving money to send to her family in the Dominican Republic. The two women ply their trade on the streets of Madrid.

But that's random. This a great film about sadness and friendship. Outstanding performances. Outstanding, I say.

Summary: A not too sentimental look at the lives of prostitutes, both domestic and illegally emigrated, in Spain, this film shows the influence of both Almodovar and the NeoRealists, while differing from and building on both...nothing here is as near-fantasticated as Almodovar's preferred mode, for example.

Sobering more than depressing, with a talented and striking cast, and a well-wrought character study as well as social critique.

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